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William Fawcett

William Fawcett appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Lost Treasure of Canyon Town as Mr. Newman the nice old man who remembered young Micah ― Suspicion as Pyrite Rand the old man who also claimed he also killed Larson.

You gotta remember this guy! He was Pete in the TV Family, Western Series, Fury, a story about a horse and the boy who loved him (1955 -1960). I remember watching this as a kid on Saturday mornings!  

The Gene Autry Show The Lone Ranger The Roy Rogers Show Annie Oakley Hopalong Cassidy The Cisco Kid  Gunsmoke.

He has starred in oodles and oodles of stuff! He was another actor who starred on The Untouchables.

He also was one of the few actors to have a Ph.D. He was known as "Doc T".
Love this guy.....he's adorable!  "A classic!"

William Fawcett was born September 8, 1894 in High Forest, Minnesota
Birth Name: William Fawcett Thomas
He died January 25, 1974 in Sherman Oaks, California of natural causes

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