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Fulton's Fury

A Predatory Excursion - To Ravage …. Fury
Property Inspection — Chapter Eleven
Written by Frank Charles aka weinerdawgy

“The carriage brought the weary group and still stunned Masterson to the St. Charles doorstep. They escorted Sarah inside and found a table in the dinning room. She asked for a simple meal so everyone could get to bed early. Turley returned the carriage to the stable and took care of the horses before joining them. Will went upstairs to see if the girls were there but they were still at the theater with Emma. When Will got back to the table, Bat excused himself and walked to the theater to see how things were going. Everyone else was too tired to go and it was best to give Bat time to himself for the rest of the evening.

On Thursday the men wanted to take it easy and get things ready for the farm inspection on Friday. Every day was a work day for Emma now that the show was on. The men informed the ladies about the new higher security measures at breakfast. Bat and Lucas took off to make some preparations for the gun show. The newspaper still had no idea about William and he stayed away on this occasion for good measure. This gave Ann and him a chance to spend some time alone. Aubrey met with Sarah for some early shopping, lunch, and then on to the theater. Turley stayed with them the entire time.

Bat and Lucas went to the newspaper office to place an add and discuss the gun show. The man they spoke with recognized Bat immediately and wanted to know all about the White Elephant incident. Bat was getting tired of talking about it, but was gracious and spoke with him. They read the Times Herald article in the process and Bat was impressed with the fact that there was very little else he could tell them. When they were finished Bat and Lucas went to the theater right after having lunch. Once all of the ladies were safe together, Bat, Lucas, Will, and Turley left to meet with Owen Pollard to have some target practice at the police range. Turley was enthused to have this chance. It had been some time since he tested his weapon.

When they got there, Owen was full of questions about the incident at the White Elephant. He read the Herald that morning so he already knew plenty. Fortunately, there was no mention of Will or Sarah, only Bat was noticed by the reporters. Bat filled Owen in about how Courtright taunted Luke and that it was a big mistake. He gave him the backround that the paper didn’t know about and asked him to keep quiet about it for a while. Owen was glad that Bat was able to stay with Luke and see that no further trouble came his way.

Bat brought the card holders to the target range and Lucas showed the trick to Owen and Turley. They were both intrigued and spent a lot of the time trying to split a card. Lucas let them use his rifle and gave them some lessons at whipping it around and doing the rapid fire. Bat let Lucas use his Colt so he could get a feel for it before going to a gun shop to buy one. It felt light in his hands and a bit small at the handle, but he liked the ability to conceal it. It would not be easy to use with gloves on his hands. He took them off and he was able to do better. This made him consider a larger hand gun though. Bat thought Colt made a bigger trigger guard and grips. If nothing else, they could ask John Browning to do something for him. But that would take time. Lucas also tried Will’s gun. It was a standard larger gripped revolver and felt better in his hands. But he thought about the five and one half inch barrel and didn’t want to have to conceal that. Turley had a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver with a short barrel. It was not as powerful, but easy to conceal and had enough stopping power for a close up confrontation. Turley usually did not want to pack a big gun and his hands were not so large. But he spoke of having a standard length .45 Colt and belt if he felt the need. He thought about this and decided that he would bring it next time. Lucas did not like the size of the .38 in his hand, but agreed that it was easy to conceal. The size of his hands made for a limited choice and it looked as if he may have to go with a Colt full size .45 with a short barrel. He took a few more shots with Bat’s gun and liked it best. Owen had many guns at his disposal and this gave everyone a chance to discover the feel of a number of rifles and pistols. Will was able to try his Derringer, which proved to only be accurate for a very short distance. He didn’t look forward to having to use it.

After target practice, they took a walk down the street to a gun shop where Owen knew the owner and thought that he would have a suitable pistol for Lucas. Talk quickly led to the Short incident and then the gun show. Bat took the opportunity to alert the shop about the custom rifles. They were already an approved Winchester dealer. This was a very good thing as they now had a place to base the rifle sales from. Bat informed them of the Winchester representative that was on the way. The store owner was very pleased with all of this. George McCleary could use the business. Now that the stage was set, time came to see what could be done to fit Lucas with a pistol. George brought out several Colts with short barrels and a shoulder holster that could adjust to various positions. Lucas took a few minutes to handle each of the revolvers. He found the standard grips a little too small. George could see that right away and offered to make him a better set of grips but that it would take several days.

“I could let you take the gun you want today and then make the new grips to fit on another one so when you come back it would take me a few minutes to put them on yours.”

“I like that idea, my index finger seems to fit the trigger guard alright, but I could use one just a little bigger.”

“I might be able to do something about that too. But you take this one with you for now and when you come back for the grips I’ll know more about the trigger guard.”

“That sounds fair, I like this one right here and I’ll take it one way or the other. I can take my time to find a perfect fit later. As long as I can get my finger in here without any trouble, I’ll be alright. I can’t expect everything at a moment’s notice. I’m just glad to find a short barreled model that I can use. It is a beautiful piece of work.” Lucas twirled it around a few times and got the feel for where he would like the holster. His practice of wearing tight fitting shirts would have change, but he was willing to live with that.

“I love it when I deal with customers like you Lucas. You know what you want and what to do with it. And I must say that your rifle is of great legend. May I take a close look at it?”

“Lucas reached down and put it on the counter. You take your time George, my pleasure. We are in no hurry, kind of like kids in a candy store. Didn’t think I would ever say that about guns!” Lucas got a few chuckles from that remark.

George did a full inspection on the rifle and gave the lever a work out. He counted the bullets as he loaded it and as they ejected. It all worked smooth, but like John Browning said, it could use a new bushing in the lever.

“I’ll tell you what George, let me get back to you about those grips and I’ll think about letting you put that new bushing in. I resisted letting William Brighton do it a few weeks ago in Santa Fe. I’m very used to the feel right now and I want to be sure of it for the upcoming show.”

“That sounds fair, I wouldn’t want to disturb your feel for the weapon so close to a critical time. You know what you want. I will be seeing a good many of these rifles before long I suppose. It would be quite a story if I were to put a touch onto the original. Please give that some thought Lucas, I’ll give you a great deal on that pistol, heck, I should just give it to you, but things are tight right now.”

“I insist, how much do you need for it?”

“I can let you have it for eighty nine dollars, that’s only ten dollars over my cost.”

“I’ll make it an even hundred, those grips are going to be some work.”

“That’s a great deal Lucas, if I can get the guard fixed up, it’s on me after that.”

“I think we have a deal!” Lucas went for a back pocket for his wallet when he felt another hand blocking his way.

“This is on me big brother!” William already had out a nifty new one hundred dollar bill and put it in George’s hand before Lucas could say anything. “I owe you this much” Will slapped his Colt as he pushed slightly against Lucas in jest”

“Alright, normally I would argue and put up a fight, but I appreciate it Little Brother!”

Bat had to add, “Hey! We forgot about the holster.” He tossed twenty dollars onto the counter. “No arguing Lucas! It’s a pleasure to see you enjoying a new gun.”

“Alright you guys, that’s enough. I know I should have done this a long time ago. It’s right nice of you guys to pitch in and make this a gift. I love you guys!”

“Thank you boys! I know you will love this Colt Lucas, I could engrave something on it for you.” George smiled as he looked for a little more business.

“That’s a great idea, we’ll do it when I come back for the grips. I kind of want to shoot this baby before then.”

“Need any bullets? I have some new fancy ones.”

“I’ll take two boxes then, I like to keep some handy in my pack.” Lucas knew he could have all he wanted from the show, but this was good business. He tossed another ten dollars onto the counter and the deal was complete. Lucas now had something he long refused to carry. But these were changing times and it was not so casual to be seen wielding his rifle. He realized that he was becoming well known for it. It was a different story at home in North Fork.

“Tell you what Lucas, I know a guy that can make you a real nice leather case with a shoulder strap for your 1892. It can have a larger area for the lever. He would love to make one for you so he can make a pattern for the many future customers we should be in for.”

“I like that idea! What do you need?”

“Just let me take a few measurements, that’s all. The case is on the house.”

“Why thank you George, that’s a nice gesture.”

George brought out a set of calipers and a sheet of paper. He made a sketch of the rifle and wrote in each figure as he went along. Finally, he used a gauge along his counter for measuring the length. “Do you ride with a standard type saddle Lucas? I’ll make sure this case can attach so you can use it with the rest of your gear.”

“Yes, nothing special, I’ll probably be riding different horses depending where I travel. A regular strap will do nicely. I have a good holster for it at home, but I didn’t bring that along. I also have a few other things to show you when I return. John Browning presented me with several gifts.”

“I would love to see that Lucas! No doubt the Winchester Rep will have similar items but I know of what you are referring to, I saw the newspaper article in the Herald.”

“I see, it seems just about everyone I meet around here saw that article. Yes, I’ll bring that gift with me next time. So you know I have plenty of gear with me as it is.”

“You bet, but I can’t resist the urge to have you use something from my shop. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, advertising is our aim and shooting is the game. It is a pleasure to help you improve your business George. Don’t worry about a thing.” Lucas picked up his rifle from the counter and tipped his hat.

“You guys are great, Owen, thanks for bringing them to me. I owe ya one! Now, how about we all get together for some target practice soon?”

“You got it Pal, we’re busy tomorrow, but maybe Saturday. We’ll be ready to light it up once we get back.”

“I’ll be sure to have those grips ready by then boys, I’m there!”

Bat reached into his pocket and took out two tickets for Emma’s show. “Here you go my good man. You and the wife have a date for this evening.”

“Hey, that’s great! Thank you Mister Masterson. I’ve been wanting to go to this, my goodness.”

“By the way, could you take a look at my Colt since I am here? I need to clean it after today’s practice, but it hasn’t been looked over in a while.”

George didn’t want to ask for this pleasure, but Bat knew he wanted to hold it. George took the Colt into his hands and twisted and turned every part. He inspected the chambers and looked for wear. As he pulled the trigger he could see just a small amount of play when the wheel should be steady. “I’ve got to point this out to you Bat, you see this play here?”

“Yes, I suspected as much. It’s had more use of late. What should I do?”

“I recommend a new wheel and pin. Not much else to do about it at this point.”

“Very well, I do keep a second tool with me, so I can do without this one for a time. You keep it for now. Can you have it ready by Saturday? Yes sir, I have all of the parts here. Anything else?”

“Well, I have been looking over your merchandise, I could use one more pistol just for good measure. I don’t have a long barrel and I think I could maybe try one out and see how it might work in the show.”

“That would be an honor sir. A 7.5 inch Barrel .45 then?”

“But it would have to have ivory grips similar to mine. Is that possible?”

“Ivory is expensive, but I do have some. I can use bone to good effect also.”

Bat handed George two hundred dollars. “I’ll be back on Saturday, see what you can do.”

“Wow, It might take a while to produce the grips, but I will have both guns ready otherwise. Thank you Mister Masterson.”

“Thank you George, I enjoy doing business with a knowledgeable gentleman. I want you to be ready to take part in our show somehow. We will see just how when we have at the targets Saturday. Do we have enough toys now?” Bat looked at everyone for approval. “Do you have enough work for a couple of days George?”

“Yes sir! I’m getting started just as soon as you boys clear out of here.”

“Don’t forget to use those tickets tonight, be early and I’ll see what I can do to get you down front.”

“You can count on it sir, me and the wife will be there for sure.”

“Very well, gentlemen, shall we press onwards and leave this man to do his work?”

“Be seein’ ya George. Thanks for takin’ care of us. We’re wearing out these guns faster than we realize I guess. See ya at the theater.” Lucas took up his new pistol. He placed the gun in the holster presently over his shirt. He held the box and cleaning kit in one hand and his rifle in the other as they went toward the door. Now he needed some new shirts and maybe a light coat. It felt strange, he was not used to the restrictive gear, but he knew he would get accustomed to it. It was as far back as the Civil War that he could recall wearing a Colt cap and ball pistol on his hip. The new pistols were so much lighter and easy to handle. He could see why Bat liked to wear his right out front. Not only was it quicker to draw, it was much more comfortable. But not for this cowboy!

The men split up outside the shop to get ready for dinner and the theater. Bat wanted to stop by the telegraph office on the way back to the hotel. Lucas was going to take his gun to the general store to see how a new shirt would fit with the holster underneath. Will tagged along to witness the new Lucas McCain materialize.

Friday brought forth a clear day and the much looked forward to farm inspection. Bat received a telegram requesting him to meet with the Graham foreman, Arnold Colby. He came to the St. Charles for breakfast, then Turly brought the carriage up front for Sarah, Bat, and the ladies. Lucas took a livery horse and it was time for Will and Ann to give Spirit and Flash a workout. Arnold was a big man and used to hard work. He rode along side Lucas and enjoyed the conversation. He and Lucas hit it off as they both had similar values about ranch work and cattle. Owen rode ahead of the group and enjoyed a cigar along the way.

“So who do you report to in this huge outfit? It must take a lot of effort to keep this size of farm in shape. A good bit different than running a cattle ranch.” Lucas asked.

“Well, I’ve been in charge here about 4 years now. I get my instructions mostly from Mister Renfro. He trusts me to keep things in order pretty much on my own. I ran a cattle ranch south out of Fort Worth before this. I kind of like the farm work better now that I’m getting’ older. Hips ache sometimes.”

“I know what you mean. Once there was a time I’d try to break horses and ride hard all day, but not anymore. The fence work got to my back of late too. I’m enjoying a slower pace these days myself.”

“I’m with ya Lucas. I aim to die of old age not kidney failure from all that bouncing around. Let the young ones do all of that. I got nothing to prove.”

“Good idea, pride loses value with old age. So how many work for you?”

“Oh it varies with the season. Come harvest time, we have maybe two hundred workers, sometimes more. Other than that, I keep a small crew of maybe twenty men. We grow other things besides cotton. Plowing and planting brings on a larger seasonal crew as well. We will be hiring for the spring real soon. It takes time to get the plowing finished and we plant late in the Spring.”

“So you keep plenty busy with that alone I bet.” Lucas took out a piece of beef jerky and handed one to Arnold.

“Thanks, love this stuff. Good place in town to get it too. Yah, I know most of the workers for some time now, many of them come to me at the right times. Renfro pays fair, we keep most of them regular each year. The pickers change more though. They travel about and follow the work. That’s when I get more involved out in the field tryin’ to keep an eye on things.”

“I’m new to the cotton game, but I can see how it’s a lot of work in hot weather. We get the heat in New Mexico as you might imagine.”

“I spent some time up that way some years back, Albuquerque. Hot as hell. No escaping it if you’re going to work cattle.

“I understand you have a man named Davey and his two sons living on the property. We ran into them last week.”

“I heard about it, I bet you scared the hell out of those boys. They try to be tough just to impress me, I have to laugh at them. I hope they didn’t cause you too much trouble.”

“They had me going for a few minutes, but when I looked them in the eyes I knew they were bluffing. We brought it on by going out there. Do you know the story about William Fulton?”

“Not too much, I know that he may become owner of the Cockrell property. Renfro doesn’t tell me too much. I do know that he grew up on this land and something about his parents being killed long ago. Doesn’t mean much to me as long as the farm keeps busy.”

“I see, well you know more than most at this point. We have been trying to keep things quiet until we know what’s going to happen. We only met Renfro a few days ago ourselves. Seems a trustworthy sort.”

“Oh, he treats me alright. We keep the money rolling in and that is all he cares. I ride out to Fort Worth once a month or so to let him know the particulars. I have to keep track of the supplies and payroll you know.”

“That’s my job back home, most of the time my son and I did it all by ourselves.”

“I’d like that, didn’t never get married. A cattle puncher like me wants to roam too much I guess. But I’ve been puttin’ some thought into settling down in a few years. I saved me some good money on this job. I live here and eat good most of the time. Keep it simple and don’t get drunk too much any more.” Arnold laughed and took out a smoke from his pocket. He offered one to Lucas but he turned it down. “I like to roll mine at night so I don’t have to goof around during the day. One thing I like is my smokes, an old cowboy habit I guess. Whiskey and tobacco, the cheap vices.”

Lucas got the feel that Arnold was a good man and probably wasn’t involved in the shady side of the business. He was glad to think this for now. It wasn’t long before they reached the Fulton property. Everyone got out near the line shacks and had a good stretch.

Bat approached Arnold and discussed various aspects of the water distribution system and well performance. He discovered that the wells never gave a dry moment but it must be a narrow underground supply because very little had ever been found on the surrounding land. Trenches had been dug to get the water to flow to a series of cisterns that further carried the water to various trenches along the property. Will and Lucas stood close by as did Sarah. Everyone was reasonably impressed by Arnolds descriptions and honest sounding speech. Finally, Bat asked the big question.

“Have you ever met Mister Graham, Arnold?”

“No sir, Renfro tells me he’s either too busy or off in New York City. He owns other land and doesn’t have time to visit. I guess he deals more with supplying this cotton to the mills and some of the finished product up north.”

“I see. I haven’t learned very much about this man yet. I know if I owned this size operation I would want to keep an eye on it.”

“I kinda feel the same way. He must be a real trusting man, at least he trusts Renfro. He hasn’t come out here in a long time either. I do all of the riding. But I do have a couple of guys working for me that I can trust when I take time off. I have a good deal here, can’t complain. I’ve ran things wherever I’ve been for along time.”

“I think you are doing a great job out here Arnold. I’m impressed. Let’s see some more of the operation, can we go where the Cotton is processed?”

“I’ll lead ya’ll to the very place. Along the way you can see some of the fields where we grow vegetables as we can. Cotton is most of our crop though.”

Arnold led them along a road south from the line shacks and off of the Fulton property. After a half hour they came to some buildings that looked like big barns and a lodge style bunkhouse with a livery stable and a large wagon yard. They went into the lodge and had something to drink before going to the barns.

“This is very nice Arnold, is this where you live?” Sarah asked.

“Yes ma’am, me and about twenty other men. We have a few cattle and what little else we need to keep comfortable. We play a lot of cards at night. Sometimes we take turns going into town. It’s not a bad life here. We bag us a deer once in a while too. Kitchen’s over to the right there, two stoves. Bunks are in the back behind the back wall.”

“Well I really like it, I wish I had come out here before this. Thank you Arnold.”

“You’re welcome Ma’am, come visit us some day and we’ll have a big feed in your honor. In fact, if ya’ll want to, we can do it real soon. Once I get to hiring the Spring help I’ll be pretty busy, I have about four weeks before I get started. What do ya’ll say?”

“The sooner the better, most of us will have to travel before then anyhow. Maybe we can do it sometime next week.” Sarah answered. “I’ll provide food from the St. Charles if you like. It will be a great time.”

“I think that is a plan, we’ll decide on a day when I’m in town this Monday.”

“And we would like to have you as a guest at our gun show in two weeks as well. You tell all your men about it.”

“Good deal, we like target shooting, got a range not too far from here. Not much else to shoot at. Except trespassers!” Arnold laughed. “I had a talk with Davey and the boys. We let them live in that shack of a house that some old owner used to use long ago. All they do is keep watch for me. They won’t bother any of you ever again, you can count on that.”

“That must be the Carlson house, I never did know where that was.” Sarah commented. “Now I guess that you do Lucas.”

“I didn’t know that at the time, how about you Will?”

“Yes, I knew it. Don’t really want to go there though.” Ann took Will’s arm and gave him a little squeeze.

“Alright, let’s go out and see what’s in those barns everyone.” Bat took charge once again.”

Arnold led them out and opened up two huge sliding doors to reveal the inner workings of a cotton storage and processing operation. “We ship both raw cotton for processing in the mills and we process smaller amounts for seed and local use. We extract some of our own seed for planting for instance. The mills use the seed for cattle feed and to press for oil. Over there you can see a huge pile of canvas sacks, we use plenty of those as you might imagine. We have some stock stored in the building next to this. As the bags are emptied, we get them back from the factories. Sometimes people like to make cloths out of them, so we are always losing a few. Over here are the cotton gins. We have Eli Whitney to thank for those. I’d work one for ya, but it’s not worth the time right now and it takes more than one person. These are kind of old fashioned machines, they have a place in town that makes a modern version that works much faster. The mills get most of those. We spend more time loading and fixing wagons if you ask me. Our livery has to be the most important part to keep things moving. Wagons come and go plenty at harvest time. You can see we have a big yard full of them outside. So feeding, loading, and fixing are our most important things. After that it is planting and fighting the bugs. There is always something to do. The railroads have helped move things along faster too.”

“This is my first time seeing how a cotton farm operates Arnold, you no doubt know your business well. The books reflect your dedication, my compliments.” Bat liked the feeling he had about this man and how things were ran. He made the determination that Renfro was the main rat at this point and that he was going to go after him on his own turf. There was nothing to hide out on the farm that he could see. If Will wanted to own part of this business he felt it would be a profitable deal. But that depended on what would become of the business if he brought Renfro down or found further rats after him. The question about the Carlson name being involved was still looming. He decided that Fort Worth was the place to dig deeper. Once he tried to force Renfro’s hand over Graham things could get ugly. After seeing the farm, he wondered if it was a good idea to risk bringing it down. Sarah was going to have to help make that decision. Waiting for five years was not out of the question at this point. It was a lot to ponder and Will and Sarah were the ones with so much at stake. Bat took a few moments to walk around and let everyone inspect things further. He tinkered with the gins and made sure they seemed in good shape. He went outside to see the wagons, most of which looked pretty good. There was a pen of horses at the ready and a larger pasture for the bulk of the animals. With the lodge in full operation and well kept, he had nothing to suspect. He walked back into the barn and they wrapped up any further questions about the cotton. Arnold informed them about the strength of the cotton market in Dallas and that the business stood to do well for years to come. Then it was time to take a final ride to see the rest of the property. Bat asked if he could use a horse to have a better view along the road. Arnold took him to the livery and they prepared him a fresh mount. Bat, Lucas, and Will took a close look at the livery and found nothing out of place or in bad shape. The horses seemed healthy and Bat was happy with the behavior of the one provided. Lucas had a keen eye for horses and Will agreed with him.

As they rode over the property Bat was impressed with the order of things. Arnold was very much in charge and knew all of the details. Will liked what he saw. He was familiar with the land from riding over it during his childhood, but so much had changed. There were no longer any families or their houses. That was sad, but he witnessed most of that happen as Carlson bought the properties. Spirit and Flash enjoyed the ride more than their riders, getting out like this was so much better than being cooped up at the livery in town. They enjoyed the freedom of the grass and fresh air. Ann gave Flash a jab at one point and Spirit took off startling Will. They both ran out of sight around a corner and stole a kiss.

“Will, I love this place, you are meant to be part of it. I hope you do well here.”

“It’s doing me good to be here Ann. I’m not a cotton man, but I do enjoy the land and my childhood memories. Are you happy in town?”

“I think so, Sarah is a great friend too. I could be happy if we spend time here. I know I could enter Flash in some competitions out this way. I think you should hold out and do your best to become the owner of the land. Don’t sell it, you shouldn’t have to.”

“I have no intentions to sell. I only hope that if we disturb things by exposing Renfro and Graham that nothing bad would happen. So many people rely on its operation.”

“I agree. We should be very careful how we proceed. There is no hurry and the money is coming in.”

“You are right and I don’t want to endanger Sarah or anyone else over this. There is a lot to consider and I know Bat will have much to say when we get back. One good thing is, we have a few more weeks to think this over and there is so much to do here. I can’t wait to go back to Fort Worth and prowl some more. Bat knows it well and I just love to shoot pool now that I got a chance to try it.”

“I wasn’t happy to hear about you guys going to the White Elephant! You better behave yourself Will Fulton! Cowtown is a very dangerous place, just look what happened already!”

“I promise to be careful Ann Bard. Rest assured. But someday, I want to have a pool table at home. The men would love it. I don’t want to be a regular in the gambling halls.”

“I think a pool table at home is a great idea. Let’s see where it’s best to buy one and have it shipped home.”

“We better get back, it’s about time we should leave for town if we want to ride home in the daylight.

They rejoined the group and continued the tour as they followed the road back to the line shacks. The tour and travel took a full day. Arnold proved to them that an honest job was under way to make the cotton farm a success. No matter what was going on behind the scene, it was obvious that preserving the operation of the farm was of the utmost importance. Arnold took Bat’s horse on his way back to the lodge and the group started back to town. Sarah was the one who seemed in awe of what they had just experienced. The cotton business was one of the country’s fastest growing industries and Dallas was a central player. There was a gin maker in town and many residents depended on cotton to make their living. How could she have been so distracted as to not be aware of the importance of the Fulton land? But it made her feel good to be able to involve Will in its success. Many thoughts were passing through the minds of the travelers as they made their way back to town. The long ride brought them close to dinner time but they all agreed to make it a quick meal and then off to bed.

Fulton’s Foray — The Decision

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