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Fulton's Fury

A Predatory Excursion - To Ravage …. Fury
Property Value — Chapter Fourteen
Written by Frank Charles aka weinerdawgy

Bat made it back to Dallas late Tuesday after sundown. He was pleased with the knowledge he gained and the good time he had with the Emily Carlson bunch. After the livery, he went straight for the hotel and flopped on his bed. His backside ached and his arms were weary of the reins. The others were at the theater and hoping he would make an appearance before the show was over. It was Will and Ann that finally came back to the hotel to see if he had returned. Bat awoke to their knocking and let them in. He was still feeling tired but this was a good opportunity to speak with Will while his thoughts were fresh on his mind.

“What took you so long Bat, I was going to come looking for you if we didn’t find you here!” Will was very concerned.

“I’m alright, and I have much to tell you. Give me a moment to get my legs steady, I’ve had a long day in the saddle.”

“We’re just glad to see you back, my goodness. Did you have a good time at the White Elephant? Is Luke alright?” Ann asked.

“Why it was a very interesting adventure. First of all, Luke is well. He’s still employed at the Elephant and the shock has worn off for the most part. I learned a great deal about Renfro’s past and the pattern he set in the formation of ranches near Fort Worth. I had a conversation with him at his office and we met later at the Elephant for dinner and the poker game. The old coot beat me! I couldn’t find a spot of luck against him all night. I can understand why Templeton was never able to bring him to justice. But John did give me some ideas and I hope he’s going to provide us with some identification for Paul Gusset. He’s going to have a man ride out to his place this week. He’s also going to do some research to see how much Vernon was behind Renfro financially.”

“That’s great Bat, but why did it take you so long to come home?”

“I rode out to the Carlson ranch, the “Double Bar C”. Emily and her crew are a fine bunch I have to say. I spent hours talking to both her and the foreman, Frank Hawley. To this day, they have little concept of what went on ten years ago. According to them, Vernon got bored with the money he made at ranching and wanted to branch out into the cotton industry. After a few years away, he gave the original ranch to Emily and tried to become a Dallas-Fort Worth land baron. We know more about him after that than they do. Frank and Emily ran that ranch and had nothing further to do with him. They had no idea who Sarah is and I was able to pose as a botanist for her cotton farm on my way to Austin.”

“You didn’t go all the way to Austin?” Ann was shocked.

“Not at all, but I did have to ride south from the ranch to leave this morning. So I have quite a few miles under my belt today, on two different horses! But let me finish my thought just now. It seems to me that before buying the land here Carlson was already heavily invested in cattle ranches through Renfro. There may be more than one investor, but Carlson is the one we’re after. The reason they wanted the cotton farm was not for the cotton, but for the seed. They use the seed to supplement the cattle feed. It must have been in attempt to save money and ten years ago the seed was considered mostly waste. The reason they originally had those gins at the farm was to bag the seed and get it to the pressing mill quickly. They can’t let it sit around as it will rot. Today the mills do most of the ginning. They press the seed for the oil and the resulting leftover matter is used for cattle feed and various other by products. It must save them a fortune and give them added income from the oil. That’s at least a good motive for the crime. Vernon thought he was going to corner the cotton seed market. Well, Renfro must be more of a cotton man that I thought, he knows plenty about it. I’m willing to bet he’s behind more than a gang of ranchers. If we take a look at who’s buying cotton seed from the surrounding farms and what the mills are doing with it we might be able to discover more proof of the fraud.

“But why is that so important? It’s not illegal to deal in cotton seed. It just means Carlson had more profit on his mind, right?” Will seemed confused with Bat’s enthusiasm over this.

“It explains why Renfro doesn’t care to visit the farm for so many years. As long as the seed keeps coming in to give him an advantage in the cattle and oil business, the cotton quality means little to him. We haven’t heard anyone speak about fiber quality that I can recall. Did you know that cottonseed has a high degree of ammonia in it? That makes the waste a good fertilizer and they can extract the ammonia for refrigerant too. The industry is hopeful for many uses. There is a separate organization for the seed products in fact. I read as much as I could about cotton at the library before we went out there and I became the most educated one of them all. Emily is an avid gardener but she knew almost nothing about cotton, so she had no idea what Vernon was up to. They didn’t even go to his trial. Frank told me about how Vernon liked to hire tough men to do his dirty work when it came to dealing with the surrounding ranchers. We can figure he was well on his way to trying the same thing when he got to Dallas. Once Frank was in control he hired a better sort of hand and ran a peaceful ranch. I don’t think they were lying to me. It doesn’t matter as far as that is concerned. I wanted to know if they were involved with the other ranches or the farm. I don’t think that is the case. They don’t appear to have that kind of money or knowledge. I’d wager that Renfro is still in charge of Carlson’s other ranches besides the farm. If Carlson really was hung, I can imagine that Renfro, or someone behind him, inherited those ranches. I’m convinced there is a far more serious fraud going on than a front for a cotton farm. It’s nice that the cotton provides an income and supports a large group of people, but it isn’t enough on its own to make it worthwhile for Renfro. Add the seed to the equation and all of a sudden it makes sense.”

“Good Lord! I wonder what else is going on? We aren’t even sure that Carlson was the man that hung for the murders. Sarah says it was him, but is there proof? I’m starting to doubt everything now!” Will stood up and began pacing and running his fingers through his hair. “We have to find out where Carlson was buried and what proof there might be. Maybe we can find somebody through Owen who knows, he said Carlson had friends in his office.”

“I was going to suggest that. We have plenty to investigate and some good sources to rely on. John Templeton is a great man, he will know what to do. For the short term, we need to concentrate on the gun show. I know that will be difficult with this on our minds. Now that I’m awake, let me put my coat on and we can go back to the theater. I want us to fill Lucas in, but I don’t want him alarmed right now. He needs to concentrate on the gun show. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carlson is still alive, I would suspect it no matter what the case. We can expect a severe reprisal should we step on their toes. I want to have as much proof as possible before we make a move. Renfro may not be our top dog and this could trigger extreme problems for the cattle business in Fort Worth. Templeton will be in town for the weekend of the gun show and we’ll know more by then. We must keep this away from the newspapers for as long as possible. I don’t want your name involved with the gun show Will. There will be people there from Santa Fe and just using a false name might bring on questions. You can toss the shot glasses and coins without an introduction.

“I’m alright with that. I was expecting this to happen. I’m not supposed to be a permanent part of the show anyhow. All it would take is for someone to hear the name Fulton and the cat would be out of the bag.” Ann took Will’s arm. “I guess we better go, Lucas is concerned. He didn’t want the both of us to leave the theater as it was.”

“This is for the best Will, I hope you’re not too disappointed.” Bat put on his coat and good shoes.

“I don’t rattle that easy Bat, it’s time to toughen up and take the bull by the horns. When the gun show is over, we can let it all hang out.”

“Good man. If we play our cards right, Renfro and Graham will agree to come to the farm. Quentin seemed willing. It depends on what we find out from Templeton. He will tell us if it’s worth the attempt to expose them at that time. If we only wind up with witnesses to Gusset’s fraud then so be it. At least Owen will see what’s going on and be able to testify should there be a trial. It could be better to let them go through with it and gain further confidence. I would rather find out who else is involved before making that decision.”

“I trust your judgment Bat. I want to be sure we have enough firepower on our side if Renfro has anything up his sleeve. Do you think the girls should go along?”

“Yes, they won’t try anything in front of so many workers. Sarah’s servants can carry guns for that matter. We’ll be on the ready, it’s not in their interest at this point. I’m hoping that Renfro doesn’t sense our suspicion. He is more concerned about keeping the property to his advantage by maintaining the fraud. Otherwise he wouldn’t bother so much with producing Graham.”

“Good point, I agree. It might be a bad sign if we didn’t show good faith at this point. So far I trust Arnold and the few men we met. And you seem to be of an equal impression over everyone else you have dealt with. I’m good with it so far.”

“I won’t place anyone of you in a dangerous position Will, I promise. But these are potentially big fish we are going to swim with, so let’s be careful. The show should be ending soon, we better get over there. Thanks for looking in on me you two.

Excitement grew as target practice began at the public range. The newspaper did a good job of getting the word out and so did Emma’s show. Dallas was a bigger city than the previous two and the crowd at the gun range grew larger each day. Bat presented Owen with an engraved rifle and a working model to use in the show. The long barrel Colt proved to be just the ticket for the card trick. Bat stood straight on and held it steady with both hands. Lucas was the real crowd pleaser as he whipped his rifle around and blasted shot glasses and coins. The Winchester representative was extremely busy taking orders and talking to prospective customers. George McCleary spent time on the range and with the Winchester Rep. He did very well in all aspects of shooting and helped Bat with the new Colt. There were lines of people waiting to take their turn at the targets but they were not allowed to toss things into the air or use the areas to either side of the celebrities. They continued with target practice through the weekend and visited the range on the opposite side of town during the next week. As show time drew near, the public was allowed more time at the range and the stars of the show slowed down their shooting pace. George ran out of ammunition to sell by Thursday. The entire town of Dallas was caught up in a flurry of lead. People were looking for every last empty bottle they could get their hands on. Kids were out in the woods shooting cans and branches off of trees.

Lucas and Bat used most of their time to sign autographs on Friday. They wanted to give their hands a rest from the recoil of the weapons for one thing. Bat noticed a slight numbing in his right wrist. He’d been shooting the new long barreled Colt a great deal. It was heavier than what he was used to with his custom shorty. Lucas could feel the strain from whipping his rifle around. He was bruised on the back of his fingers where they made contact with the lever. His gloves were wearing out, he would soon need a new pair. He fired his revolver plenty at the police range, but left it out of sight during public practice. He didn’t want anyone to know he carried. He was known for his rifle and that is the way he wanted to keep it. George and Owen were excited to take part in the show. Ten men from each target range drew winning numbers in order to take part in a contest at the end. They were going to attempt the card and the coin tricks as well as a long distance target. A working model of the 1892 Rifle and one hundred dollars was the prize.

On Friday Afternoon John Templeton arrived on a private stage. He wanted to report to Bat in person rather than by telegram. Bat, Will, Owen, and Lucas met him at the depot and they went directly to the St. Charles bar to talk. Turley stayed with the ladies at the theater which had huge audiences all week. The weekend crowd for the gun show was expected to overflow the theater. After introductions, everyone was anxious to hear what Templeton had to say.

“I’ve learned a lot Bat. My investigator was able to ride out to the Gusset ranch. He found out that the hands noticed Paul was going into town more often. They saw him with his hair fixed up and wearing nice clothes that he never had before. They have him figured for getting married. It turns out that his wife died a few years ago. So I think we have your man. It won’t take much to identify him if we expose the fraud. We’ll simply take him out to his ranch in his suit and watch the men laugh at him. My man also got into the house and saw photographs on the walls. When he came back to watch Renfro’s office to see if he’d showed up, sure enough, there he was dressed up to beat all hell!”

“That’s great, I’m glad we won’t have to work any further on that end. But I have something to discuss that occurred to me when I visited the Carlson Ranch. I think that the cottonseed is the big deal more than the cotton itself.”

“I’ve been curious to know what you found out from your visit. I have some very interesting information about Carlson from the study we did over the last few weeks.”

“Well, the main thing is, Emily and her foreman have no idea what Vernon was up to other than the fact that he was buying the properties for a cotton farm. They knew he was hung for murder, but they didn’t go to the trial and had not heard from him for years before that. It seems that Vernon gave Emily the original ranch and Frank Hawley has been running it ever since, twelve years now. I posed as a botanist for Sarah’s cotton farm and they didn’t suspect a thing. Emily is an avid gardener but knew very little about cotton. Except for one thing, she mentioned that they supplement the cattle feed with cottonseed. Then it came to me that could be Renfro’s main concern. I don’t think Emily inherited any of her brother’s property or money. They’re doing well on their own with the cattle ranch. So finding out what happened to Carlson’s holdings after his death should lead us to the secret that we seek.” Bat pulled out a handful of Cheroots and passed them around.

“Not from the White Elephant, Bat….... you know I got used to these things long ago. I usually favor a more expensive smoke, but look here!” John pulled back his coat to reveal a pocket full of the same Cheroots. Everyone chuckled as they lit up. “Now, I’m not surprised at what you found after what I’m about to tell you. Many of those ranches on the map of Renfro’s clients once belonged to Vernon Carlson. Not all of them though, but more than enough to draw suspicion. We went back and looked at Carlson’s Last Will and found it did not mention any of these properties. It seems that Renfro did his best to complicate the tracks of ownership in order to hide the fact that Carlson was involved. They actually paid these owners to pose for them in order to keep the properties yet seem independent to the state. If you follow the deeds back you can see how Renfro faked transactions a number of times for each property to mask the fact that they came from one original owner. With the crazy way things have gone with ranch ownership over the last ten to fifteen years, it was an easy idea to come up with. I’d wager if we look further we could find some other big names in similar schemes. I’m intrigued about the cottonseed angle. There have been reports about a consortium of investors out of New York that are attempting to dominate the cottonseed oil market. They have their fingers in all of the important Texas locations. I’ll bet you that Renfro is connected with this organization. Carlson probably bought a number of ranches that never had his name on them. So could have the entire consortium!”

Bat stood up, raised his hands and yelled, “Precisely!”

Will and Lucas sat back with eyes as big as the coins they had been shooting at. They watched Bat toss his derby, catch it, then sit back down. “Now we are getting someplace. I hope we can nail these rats!” Will exclaimed. “I’m getting tired of waiting around, what can we do, how do we get Sarah her land back at the very least?”

“You mean your land. All of what Carlson has been up to will become subject to title search and reparation. At least that is what I hope can happen. There are a number of wronged owners to search out if we can prove the overall fraud. It may take some time to do it right, but in the meantime, we can start by catching Renfro and Graham. I know the current Attorney General and the main prosecutors in both Dallas and Fort Worth. We can trace your old farm back to the fraud and nullify the lease. Sarah would then be free to do with it as she pleases.”

“But what of the rest of the cotton farm? We want it to remain a successful business, to keep all of those people working. What about them?”

“Well, Carlson did buy those properties prior to the crime. They had to be confiscated by the state originally before Graham bought them. John looked into Will’s eyes and saw a man who was truly concerned about other’s first. “I don’t know what to tell you at this point, but if somebody willing to maintain the overall farm buys the property then there is no problem. If no buyer can be found, it will revert back to the state for disposition. Perhaps Sarah is willing to do something to preserve the business.”

“That’s what I’m hoping will happen. We have spoken on this subject and she agreed to buy it if everything works out. Then maybe we can all be partners in a real cotton farm!” Will was smiling due to the optimistic outlook of John and Bat.

“I can’t promise you what, if anything is going to happen. We have more research to do. I want to find out who is on this Cottonseed Oil Consortium and any other concerns that Renfro may be involved with. If the name R.J. Graham or Vernon Carlson comes up, well we have a real tiger by the tail.”

“I’m with you John, Bat, I want to go for their very throats! I have nothing to lose.”

“We’ll remain cautiously optimistic at this juncture Will. You see, I have tangled with Quentin many times over the years. I don’t want to make the same mistake of letting him squirm out of this once we have him caged. If we act too quickly, we may not be able to keep him. We have to prove without a doubt that he has defrauded the state of Texas and the property owners.”

“Do you think our answer lies in New York?” Bat asked John.

“That may be the case. I’m wondering how best to investigate. Maybe someone can pose as a prospective investor in the consortium. We need to find the right man to do that job. Somebody Renfro doesn’t know who can go to New York and avoid being recognized. Then how to approach them is another problem. They are probably not easy to find.”]

“If I can pose as a botanist, I can pose as an investor. I’ve already studied the cotton industry. I dress the part. Who else can it be?” Bat shrugged his shoulders and grinned wide.”

“You’ll have to change your appearance though. Don’t forget you have been in the newspapers all across this country. I suggest a lighter color suit and no gun belt. Something other than a derby too. And no Cheroots!” John got laughs all around.

“I feel left out of this party!” Lucas commented.

“It would be too easy to recognize you Lucas, but you know something, now I’m thinking that the both of you could do this as yourselves. You can tell them you have both come into big money from the gun shows and are looking to invest. It just might work. It doesn’t matter if Renfro knows and you are involved in a cotton farm through Sarah as it is. We can decide more about this later after the shows. I really want to see Emma’s act tonight, are we in Bat?”

“In the front row my friend. You are an honored guest all weekend! I like our idea so far. Do you want to see New York Lucas?”

“Would I look good in a derby?”

“I like a top hat better on you, that Stetson has got to go!” Bat tossed his derby to Lucas to try on.

“Will thought for a moment, “You can take my derby Lucas, I’m going to stay with the ladies, maybe take them home. I would feel much better if they were away from any. danger.”

Templeton took a long drag on his smoke.“I tend to agree, they would be good extortion targets if we are not careful. We may need to move fast. You guys talk this over, no telling what might happen if we mingle with the big boys. Don’t volunteer too much information in talking with strangers this weekend. Let the Winchester man take the addresses and such for instance. I know there is plenty in the papers already if anyone really wants to go after any of you. And I don’t recommend cornering Renfro so soon at this gathering you are planning.”

“We thought of that too John. We realized that there is more to this than we can handle alone, we figured it would be better to let Renfro get away with this early on and gain his confidence. We hit it off when I saw him on my last visit. He’s a sly poker player, I think I can keep it friendly for now. We’re going to present him with a collector’s rifle at the gathering. No sense ruining the occasion with an arrest! And Gusset needs to pull this off, just for the fun of it. Once they feel as if they are in control, we can expose that little fraud at any time.

“Bat, you are most thorough. You have every detail in mind as if this were all out war. I’m so glad that you’re on our side!” John placed the files in his brief case. “Now that we have our first battle plans on the drawing board, I think we better concentrate on enjoying ourselves. By next week, I think we’ll know what to do and you can get that gathering at the farm out of the way.

“I want to thank you guys for being by my side in all of this, and I know that Sarah feels the same way. Dinner is on me tonight. Bat, you decide where you want John to dine. We’ll get the ladies next and then be off. Are you checked into your room John?” Will stood up and put on his hat.

“Bat made the arrangements ahead of time, I would like to change clothes and freshen up before we dine. Thank you Mister Fulton, I look forward to meeting Sarah and everyone else. I want you to know that I appreciate your bravery in this situation. I’ve wanted to nail Renfro for a very long time, so it’s my pleasure to have this opportunity. Perhaps we can do now what I should have been able to do as Attorney General. The people of Texas deserve better. We cannot tolerate scoundrels like Carlson and Renfro that rob honest people of their right to the pursuit of honor and happiness. This has gone on far too long!”

Owen finally got a chance to comment. “I might add that Will has been very thoughtful throughout this matter. The city of Dallas has regained a most valuable citizen, they just don’t know it yet. His first concern was the possible problems his return might bring. He cares about the welfare of others before himself. He has the best of friends and a great future ahead. It’s our duty now to see that he succeeds.”

“I said that I didn’t want to make waves when I first got here. I knew that what happened to my family could not be mended. But as it turns out we’re going to make more than waves in this ocean of cattle and cotton. We may not be able to fix things for my parents sake, but we can still do right for many others. I pray that we can keep the cotton farm whole and productive for years to come!” Will shook hands with John and picked up his suitcase as they took leave for his room.

John Templeton was treated like a king the entire weekend. Emma’s show was the finest he had ever seen. Sarah was able to hold several meals in his honor. Owen Pollard was very happy to meet John. They had a great time discussing local history and the law. Most of this talk was with Bat and Sarah present. They discussed everything they knew about the Carlson trial. Owen put forth a few ideas and had to admit that if there was a last minute replacement for the gallows it could easily have been done. The problem was how to investigate ten years after the fact. Carlson would have to be found. A witness from the office would be hard to locate. Owen knew a few old timers he could talk to but had not taken that step in effort to keep things out of the news. He agreed to locate the Carlson grave site and any other information available. Templeton had the dates of the property sales in his data, most were from before the Fulton murders. Some occurred right after. The fact that the properties were not mentioned in his will meant that he had previous intent to protect his empire in a clandestine manner. The motive for this could be simple, tax evasion and incorporation into a larger organization, like a cottonseed oil consortium! John also noticed that Carlson’s will did not mention any large sums of money. Renfro had much of his wealth hidden and the properties disguised in other’s names. The puzzle was almost complete. Renfro had to be the key to the kingdom. What John really needed was a list of his clients. It would be illegal but the knowledge might guide them to a legal way of discovery. Bank history was another method to find out where he was sending large amounts of money. Just who was R.J. Graham anyways?

Saturday afternoon was soon upon them and the gun show was ready for action. There was a long ceremony for the guests of honor. John Templeton was warmly welcomed by the extremely large audience. The Mayor, Sarah, and Owen Pollard came next. Two weeks of advertising and madness at the target ranges brought out just about everyone in town and many from far away. Also sitting close by was Luke Short. Time finally came for him to take a few days off from the Elephant to see the show. Most anyone that would want to be at a card game this weekend was present in Dallas. He hadn’t been away from Fort Worth for a very long time. Most of the cotton farm hands and their families came along with Arnold Colby. Quentin Renfro did not attend.

Bat and Lucas put on a show to match the crowd. The saloons had to order more shot glasses due to the massive interest in using them as targets. They set some aside early on for practice and the show, but they didn’t realize how many would be stolen from the bars and bought from suppliers. The public was not allowed to toss them at the range, but that didn’t stop them once they got home or in the woods. There wasn’t much unbroken glass in town by this time. The empty liquor bottles were set aside early by a number of the saloons. Normally, many bottles were washed and reused, being refilled from a cask. Some were known to be shipped in and customers wanted to see the seal present before paying a higher price for a shot. Each time the show was performed they learned a little more to make the next one work better. Bat decided it was necessary to make shot glasses a permanent item to order ahead of time and liquor bottles should be collected well before a show.

The condition of the weapons was another thing they learned would have to be closely watched and maintained. For too long Bat had depended on two specially ordered Colt 45s. His new long barrel was a good start but he was going to order spare parts and tools so he could be ready at all times. Lucas was going to keep several rifles broken in and ready for back up. In fact, he kept his trusty old 1892 in reserve most of the time and only used it a short while at practice and during the show. He had one new rifle broken in and the second one picked out after consulting with the Winchester representative. He realized that the new rifles would work just fine once he got used to them. He knew there would come a day that he would retire his old friend from use in the shows.

Bat was able to aim his long barrel with great effect. He shot the cards in half with ease and went back to his short pistols for the fast draw. Owen and George both did very well in all aspects showing the audience that with proper training any competent shooter could attain these skills. The purpose of the exhibition was not to simply show off something that only a few could do, rather to inform the public of what proper gun handling was about. It was also to impress upon others that lawmen and specialists really could do what they claimed. Lucas put the final touch on the show with his now famous quick turn around show down with the cards. The audience roared with delight. It was better the first time in Santa Fe when no one was expecting it, but the difficulty made it the crowd favorite none the less. Soon after the show came to an end the contest got underway. Bat and Lucas officiated, inspecting the targets and making announcements.

Finally, the winner was presented with the rifle and one hundred dollar bill. Kyle Peterson walked away with a huge smile on his face. The crowd cheered for a very long time as Bat and Lucas stood up front shaking hands and signing autographs.

Lucas was now well on his way to becoming a national celebrity. The newspapers clamored to write articles and obtain interviews with him. Bat enjoyed the higher level of attention but he was used to being sought after by the press. Having endured time as a newsman himself, he had a special respect for what the paper was able to do. Mass communication was becoming a powerful asset in America. Trust and honesty were things Bat sought after in all dealings. Part of his purpose in the gun show was to inform the public about the truth of their stories and to see that the press did not get out of hand in writing glorified dribble just to sell papers. This meant he had to give them something real to talk about and that he certainly did. Lucas spent the entire evening engaged in conversation, telling of his Civil War exploits and gun fights with outlaws. He had the real stories where justice was dealt with by force in defense of family and a hometown. In the past Bat had suffered from the inaccuracies of the press. Incidents of his shooting the bad guys were greatly exaggerated. He concentrated on stories where he was able to avoid the violence due to his reputation with a gun. It was the glorified nature of his reputation that served to foster fear in outlaws though and Bat was able to take advantage over the years. Now he stressed that his frequent target practice was instrumental in letting everyone know that he meant business by having the peacemaker at the ready wherever he went.

Sunday was just as busy with so many visitors in town and reporters wanting time with Bat and Lucas. They slept in late and had one last meal with Sarah and John Templeton. They went over the facts of the property issues one last time. The New York trip looked like a good idea. John wanted to get together with Bat one more time before taking any action but realized it might not be possible. There was some more research to be done and a gathering at the farm to be enjoyed. Dallas still had time left to enjoy the company of Bat Masterson and friends. John and Luke were taken to the stage depot. Luke managed to travel to Dallas on his own but John thought it a good idea for him to go back with him. They were accompanied by several Fort Worth dignitaries and a special agent for security.

Will let go with a huge sigh as they watched the stage roll out. He made it through the ordeal without being exposed to the press. Lucas and Bat kept them plenty busy. They could now focus on what he came to town for. He wanted a quick solution and a nice trip home, but he knew that was as likely as footprints from a rattle snake! Or was that ink trails from a lawyer?

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