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The Rifleman's Serenade
Chapter 3 - Decision Point
Written by Frank Charles aka weinerdawgy

Lucas was in town for supplies as usual in the beginning of the week after the hunt. The questions were buzzing more than he knew. When was the famous shooting demonstration going to occur? When was there going to be a wedding? Could they get any answers from him right now? Lucas noticed the inquisitive looks more and more as he walked by people on his way to the general store. He decided to visit Sweeney while his order was being prepared. If anyone knew what was going on, he would. He figured if he gave him a few tidbits of information then he wouldn’t have to tell everyone else. They were almost ready to make an announcement on both affairs in the newspaper as it was.

“Howdy Sweeney, kind of slow today I see. Maybe things will pick up later in the day.” Lucas took off his hat and set it on a stool. “Got a cold beer for me?”

“I may not have many customers, but I do have beer! What’cha been up to Lucas?”

“We just got back from a great hunting trip, bagged four deer, three of them at one time. Mark shot the biggest one. Ann got one too. It was sure hot up in those hills. This old man needs a cold beer, thanks.”

“You seem to know where the deer congregate. Not many bother to go this time of year. You never cease to amaze me. And speaking of amazing, many around here are wondering when that gun show of yours is going to happen. There’s talk of a contest. You guys figure to take part in that?”

“I don’t think so. We’ve let those kind of things go on separate from the show. But that was also in far off towns.”

“Things might be different here Lucas. Many reckon they have something to prove, especially with a guy like Masterson in town. It would surely be something to brag about if somebody was to beat either one of ya!”

“I haven’t thought about that. I guess you could say we have been living off of our reputations so far. What would happen if we were to open the competition? Part of our message has been to discourage the legends and gunfights. But a friendly target shoot has always been a tradition here. I’ll talk to Bat about it. If we announce soon then I reckon it will draw shooters from quite a distance.”

“Could make for a right huge affair. I can use the business Lucas. Sounds like a great idea to me. Already bein’ talked about too. And another thing…” Sweeney leaned closer and spoke softly. “When are you gettin’ hitched? There’s plenty of speculation going on about that too!”

Lucas picked up his beer and drank most of it down fast. “That sure is refreshing on a hot day. Maybe I got time for one more. Since you’re not so busy….”

“It’s on the house if you answer the questions!”

“Oh, the questions. Alright, I have a ring picked out and I’ve proposed. We’ll have a date set soon, a brief time after the shooting match!” Lucas grinned while Sweeney’s face relaxed with the joy of some real news.

“Here you go, all you want while you wait. I knew you were going to do it! I’m happy for you Lucas! Suppose you will have a date set for the shootin’ soon? I’m getting asked often now. I need something to tell them.”

“I know we must do it soon. Tell ya what, Bat and I will come back tomorrow and discuss things with the mayor and the sheriff. We must be courteous and let them take part in the decisions. But you go ahead and tell the boys that it will be real soon. I just don’t have time to go around answering to everyone right now. The ranch is a busy place with all the changes and guests. Not so much of the summer left and planning is pretty tight.”

“I know what you mean. You’ve always been the gauge of North Fork. We’re mopin’ along of late since you’ve been a way so much, nothing like the old days. This town is getting a might boring as it ages. We need guys like you to spice things up!”

“I realize we’ve had some exciting times, but I’m glad for that boring affect that comes with age. People have settled in with the family life where we were subject to the whims of the wilder side in the past.”

“I guess you and Micah let the outlaws know whose boss and they listened! We haven’t had a bank robbery or murder for years now.”

“And a good thing it is too! Did I ever tell ya that Micah and I are tired of getting’ shot at! We need this boring reputation more than you need the excitement.” Lucas finished his second beer and decided his mission was complete. “Thanks for the beers Sweeney, your always a generous friend. I promise you will be the first to know when the dates are set. It won’t be long.”

“Thanks Lucas. I know we probably rely on you for too much when it comes to gossip around here. But it does mean we love ya!”

Lucas put his hat on and started for the door. “You know, I have always felt loved by this town. This is the first place I think of when it comes to letting friends know what’s goin’ on! I promise to do my best to keep things from gettin’ boring!” With that he turned and was on his way across to the general store. The heat from the sun felt good on his back. He looked up in the clear hot sky. It felt good to be in North Fork. It felt good to be loved.

“Lucas McCain! What do I have to say to keep you away from Sweeney’s so early in the day!” Lou Mallory greeted him as he approached the store.

“I’m just planting some seeds Lou. Seems everyone is wondering when I’m going to livin’ things up around here. Doesn’t anyone depend on themselves anymore?”

“Well, you know that I do! No time for worrying about excitement here. Let’s get your wagon loaded so you can get back to work.” They both went about the chore.

“So tell me what you think of Aubrey?” Lucas asked while still looking forward.

“I think she’s a fine lady, that’s what. I pray ye will be happy together.”

“Thank you Lou. I’ve always been able to talk straight up with you. I’m hoping you can understand why I’m in love with her.”

“Oh don’t you worry about me. I love you Lucas, no doubt about that. There’s a time when I hoped we could marry even. But we are just too much alike. And I’m too set in my ways. We’ve had these talks before.” Lou stopped arranging things onto the wagon and turned to face Lucas.

Lucas embraced Lou and looked down on her fondly. “You’ll always be part of our family. Aubrey understands how I feel about you. She has her circle of friends in Santa Fe that I have to learn to get along with too.”

“I know that we’re lovers of each other’s minds. I’ll always love you Lucas. We have a special place in each other’s hearts. That can never change, not after all we’ve been through.”

“Yes, I feel the same. I wish that we could have found a way earlier on Lou. We do make a great pair in many ways. I pray that you and Aubrey will be good friends.” Lucas looked right in her eyes. “I mean really good friends!”

“We’ve already had several talks. We’ll be alright. She’s an honest woman and knows her ranching well. She really loves you too. In fact, everybody likes her. You got nuthin’ to worry about. You’re a lucky man Lucas McCain, a smart man even. God has blessed you.” Tears started to form in Lou’s eyes and Lucas held her tight.

“I can’t make the feelings go away Lou. I have them too. You’ve always been very special to me. I’ll not have you sad.” The two remained in embrace and had not a care who might see them doing such in front of the store. Lucas realized it would never be easy to confront these feelings with Lou. The desire for her was once very strong, even when he first met her and became one of her early business victims. Something about Lou set in his soul from the start. He trusted her and admired her work ethic. There weren’t many women made from her mold. So it took a very special woman to rein in one Lucas McCain. Aubrey knew she had a rare catch and the people of North Fork only told her what she already knew early on. If there was ever a man to make her happy, she found him!

Lucas finished loading the wagon quickly and went back inside to talk some more with Lou. He needed it as much as she did. He wanted to make sure that things would be alright between them. Once again Lucas came close to shedding a tear. It would even be alright in a case like this. But he willed it to remain repressed. It was better that he showed strength for Lou. She did her best to maintain composure. The open wounds in their hearts began to slowly heal as they spoke, not really hearing what the other said. It was simply being with each other at this moment that worked the charm.

“I knew this day would come Lou. It wasn’t enough to admit that I’m lonely, and never enough to only be attracted to someone. It was so powerful when Aubrey and I laid eyes on each other. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I can’t say that I didn’t feel that at times with you, or Milly for that matter. But I know this is the right thing for me to do. That’s what love is, not a word but a feeling. If you can only describe it with words then you know it’s not really there. I wish I could put more of a finger on it. I hope you can understand.”

“I do Lucas, I really do. You know it’s been much the same for me. Once I got to know you and Mark I realized that you had so much on your hands with raising that boy. It was love for me to be able to take part with you. But I knew you wouldn’t let your guard down, even for me. In time, we found out that just caring about each other wasn’t enough. And I appreciate the reckoning you had to do over your Margaret too.”

“You’ve been great for Mark. He loves you very much. And as for the candy!”

That brought on a smile upon Lou’s face. “God bless ye Lucas, I know you will be a happy man. That’s good enough for me!”

“There’s plenty of good times ahead Lou. You’ve got your hotel and other concerns to keep ya busy. And once the gun show is announced I reckon you’ll have more than you can handle. Have you had a chance to talk to our guest, Sarah Cockrell? She’s very much like you. Dallas has her name all over it. You pretty much play the same role here.”

“We’ve been introduced and spoke a wee bit. I think I know what you mean. I have a great life in North Fork. I know my name goes far. It’s what my aim was when I got here and I think pretty much everyone has gotten used to it by now.”

“You make this a special place my dear. I have a feeling that business will be growing fast in the coming years.”

“I know your ranch will prosper. We have a lot to look forward to Lucas. Mark is growing up and so is North Fork.” Lou reached out and took his hand. “I’m proud to be part of your life Lucas. No matter what happens to either of us, I know we love each other and will treasure the memories. I want you to be happy and that means Mark and Aubrey must be happy too. You never have to worry about me. I want us to always be comfortable about our friendship, you follow?”

“I follow you Lou! You’re the best as always. I want you to come out to the ranch soon and join us for supper. Spend some time getting to know Sarah before she goes home. Aubrey would love to have more time to talk as well. You follow?”

“Anywhere you tell me to go big boy! I’ll find some time, a few days maybe. Better make it soon, before the town gets wind of the coming excitement!”

“Sounds good to me, I better go look in on Micah before I head home. Have you seen him?”

“Been a few days. He usually goes into Sweeney’s every afternoon. He’s a might slow of late. Perhaps his hip is bothering him.”

“If it’s anything like mine, I know it is. Those last trips he took with us may have been good for his spirits, but he isn’t getting any younger. I won’t be asking him to ride any distance in the buckboard from now on.”

“Thanks for talking with me Lucas. I know it wasn’t easy for either of us. But I feel much better now. We only need to be willing to talk and understand.”

“I feel better too. I love ya Lou. Promise me to never hold it back. Let me know when I’m out of line.”

“Oh, you can count on that! Now get on over there and see about Micah. I’m a bit worried about him too. Stop by the hotel on your way out and let me know.”

“Sure thing. Thanks Lou.” Lucas got up and went on his way in a much better mood. But it did bother him about Micah. He knew that his best friend was hurting, and for quite a long time.

Rap, rap, rap the pounding went on the locked door. Lucas was getting ready to bust it down when Micah finally opened it. He had a chair by his side that he used to walk with. He was in such pain that he could not move on his own. Lucas took one look and carried him back to his stuffed chair and got him a drink of water.

“Your not going to stay up here alone any longer Micah. I want you to move out to the ranch with us. No more upstairs either. Your not even eating are you?”

“Not for several days Lucas Boy. I can’t move around so much. What I really want is a beer. Take me down to Sweeney’s will ya?”

“On our way home I might. I’m taking you out of here right now!” Lucas got his suitcase and a trunk packed within minutes. He filled them with all of his important belongings. He’d come back tomorrow for the bigger pieces. “This is it brother, you need to be near us from now on.”

“Now Lucas, I don’t expect you to look after me like that. When my time comes, I’m ready to go quiet like.”

“I’ll tell you when your time comes! Enough of this. Now, tell me what you need for the next few days and let’s get out of here.”

“Well. Don’t forget the checkers you gave me or our board! After that, I’m set.”

“I’m taking the chess pieces too. Man does not live on checkers alone.” Lucas carried the trunk down first and made room for it in the wagon. He carried his bed clothing and suitcase next. Finally, he carried Micah down the stairs and sat him in the wagon. He rolled up to the hotel and went to get Lou.

“Here’s our Micah!”

“I see. Taking him to the ranch are you?”

“I’m not letting him go until he can prove to me that he can walk without pain.”

“You might have me for a while Lucas Boy! I ain’t been without pain for years now as it is. I’ll be back Lou…. He’ll get tired of checkers before long!” Micah chuckled and Lou smiled. “I know I need help, I was just waiting for you to come along, brother!”

“Lucas gave them both his best grin and took up the reins. “I’ve got a home for Micah anytime and for as long as he wants it. We’ll be back tomorrow Lou.” On the way out Lucas stopped at Sweeney’s and brought Micah out a beer. Sweeney came out and wished him well.

“Mark, I’m going to have to ask you to board in the lodge until I figure out what to do.”

“Pa, I understand. Micah’s getting old. He needs us to be near him now. He can have my room, wherever it happens to be.”

“I’m thinking to have a place built for him, something he can enjoy in private. He won’t be happy for long away from town. He’s set in his ways. But time has come for him to have a place here. Once we get past the show and the wedding, there won’t be any problem making room.”

“It will be fun having him here. Think of all the checkers and chess we’ll play!”

“It’s long been a great thing between us. Micah is family. We should do our best to make him feel at home.”

He’ll like being around the animals too. Maybe he can feel better and ride the horses in time.”

“I won’t encourage that. We’ll have the doc look at his hip soon. I want him to take it easy for a while and have some good meals. The best way to do that is for him to eat with us. He’ll do better when he’s not alone.”

“I reckon he was always used to being at the jail and having the town to look after. Sure must be hard to slow down after so long. That’s never going to happen to you, is it Pa?”

“I don’t know. I have slowed some as it is, but I’m not ready for a rocking chair yet. Ranching has been a hard life for many years. Part of the idea of becoming partners with Sam was to allow both of us to slow down and give the men more responsibility around here. That’s what the foremen are supposed to do. We just have to get used to the idea.”

“I guess we never will be able to work the ranch together like we planned, huh Pa?”

“I’ve given that a lot of thought. I know we’ve talked about it often son, but I want you to concentrate on your school work for now. Bat says it best. Do not plan on what we know as a settled life right now. Aim high and we will never have to look back. We’re always going to have this ranch, but the world is big and will place more demands on us than we realize. Now, I know that I could have told you when I was young that I just might be involved with ranching in the future. But the war had other things to say about that. Second chances don’t always happen but here we are after many failures. We found this ranch and made it work. We survived the challenges and turned out stronger for it. Don’t forget, it wasn’t that awful long ago that we thought you might never walk again. Think about that when you’re with Micah. He may have to face that soon.”

“Do ya think we should take him to the mineral springs?”

“That might be a thought son. Let’s see what the doc has to say first. That’s a long ride, one that he may not be able to take. Maybe there’s a way to make a bath for him here. We can all use something like that! We just might be on to something my young inventor! See what you can think of.”

“I sure will Pa! Right away. We can make some kind of a brick lined pool in the ground, heat the water by pumping it through some pipes in a fire. I can see it now!”

“You draw up a plan and I’ll buy the bricks and concrete. A heated bath, what a great idea. We can build a shack around it and have us a sauna like the fancy ones I saw in New York. It’ll be kind of a human smokehouse.”

“It won’t take long. I’ll draw it tonight and we can probably build it in a few days once we get the materials.”

“Alright son. I have faith in you. I’ll see about ordering the materials in the morning. Be sure to include some steps in this pool so Micah can get into it easily and have a place to sit.”

“What an idea Pa. This is going to be great!”

The men sat together after dinner to discuss the details of building a hot bath. Mark drew a layout and made it big enough to hold four people. The steps added a third more space and could be used for others to sit if needed. They decided to build it close to the house and in the direction of where a proposed small cottage for Micah would be located. By the end of the evening they had made up a bill of goods for Lucas to order in the morning and Sam was close to deciding to build one for his place too. There were plenty of aching bones at both locations that could use soothing. They decided it would be best to build one first to see what happens before making Sam’s.

In the morning Mark and Will began to dig the hole with Micah sitting nearby for supervision. Bat and Lucas went into town for a number of reasons. The gals were over at the Bard ranch house working on a very special wedding gown. So at a time that was first thought to provide rest during the heat of the summer, everyone was busy and getting more to do with each passing day. Bat and Lucas went straight to Marshal Carney’s office.

Ever since Micah decided to retire the issue of a new marshal was a hot one. Many wanted Lucas to do it, but he could never devote full time to the job. He was already honorary marshal for life as it was. Micah and Lucas gave it much thought and finally settled on an old friend, Wes Carney. They made contact with him in Bolton City, Oklahoma and offered him the job. He and Claire still owned the Feed and Grain store in North Fork, but they let others run the store for them once they made the decision for Wes to become the marshal in Bolton. Wes had a great deal of unrest to deal with during the land grab days and could handle himself well in a tough situation. Problems arose once Wes came to North Fork early on. Outlaws that knew him from his past gun fighting career wanted a piece of him bad. Claire, his wife and long time friend of the McCains, had made him promise to give up his gun. In the end, his hand was forced and he had to defend himself alongside Micah and Lucas. It was well known that Wes would always have to live up to his reputation and some of the North Fork citizens protested his coming back to be marshal. They said that if Lucas wouldn’t take the job it would be best to elect somebody from town. But that was not so easy to agree upon. It was obvious that nobody else had time or desire for the job.

Wes was given a trial period with Micah and things worked out. Almost 3 years had gone by now and everyone grew to trust Wes. Claire was very happy to be supervising Carney’s Feed and Grain too. North Fork had grown up just a bit more than Bolton and Claire was glad to have more people to know and socialize with. Lucas was most relieved that North Fork could have a new start with a well known and trusted lawman. Life had settled down a great deal in recent times as well, so everyone found it easy to accept Wes and trust that Lucas would usually be around if things got rough.

At the time Wes came back to North Fork, Micah was already having a hard time getting around. His arm always bothered him, but now his hips and back were feeling the ravages of age. He knew that something had to be done. Up until now he was comfortable staying in town and being among his friends. Lucas did the only thing he knew to do when he saw his best friend suffering. Micah once worked for Lucas on the ranch when they first met, now he was part of the family and was to be a permanent fixture.

“Bat, let me introduce you to Wes Carney, our marshal. Wes, this is Bat Masterson, I’m sure you two will have a great deal to talk about!” Lucas took off his hat and sat down to observe the two men as they got acquainted.

“Mighty pleased to meet you Mister Masterson! The legend is spoken of far and wide of course.”

“Of course. But I can assure you that I am just a man, just so happens I’m a man that is fast with a gun!”

“I can understand that sir. I think we are all in good company with that talent.”

“Right you are Wes! And call me Bat from now on. I think we should go have a target practice session in the next day or so. We have a special proposition for you.”

“I must admit that I have been looking forward to that offer. I do read the papers you know.”

“I figure as much Wes. So I assume you want to be part of our show then?”

“You betcha! How would it look to the town folk if that didn’t happen?”

“I reckon it might cost you a hefty amount of respect for one thing! You are able to hit a target then?” Bat laughed heartily and rapped his cane on the floor. “You like that Lucas? Can he hit a target? Ah hahahahahaha!”

“Good one Bat. Don’t get him too riled up. The last time I saw him mad it cost quite a few outlaws their lives!”

“Right you are Lucas. I suppose us lawmen are all alike! Wes, please accept our invitation to grace us with your talents for the gun show. We hope to do this in two weeks. Does that agree with your schedule?”

“Bat, I would be honored to join you gentlemen for a little recreational gunplay!”

“Great Wes. Would tomorrow at the gun range be a good time, say early afternoon?”

“I would surely enjoy that”

“And does two weeks seem like enough time to advertise and get this show underway? Is a public contest agreeable as well?”

“I think word will get around very fast. Most are waiting to hear the time as it is. Once the paper makes the announcement other towns will spread it and we’ll have a real crowd on our hands. That’s the only thing that concerns me. A contest is already going to happen and I don’t mind, but we are just a little gun shy around here from our colorful past, if you know what I mean. ”

“Yes I do Wes. If there’s one thing I know about, it’s how word of our presence gets around. But it also allows for us to get the message out to the masses.”

“And what message is that?”

“I’m sure you know about our message! Lawmen and their guns are real. We do know how and are willing to use them. But we would rather not. Guns are not toys or extensions of our egos. However we do find it acceptable to show off and compete at targets on occasion.” Bat looked over at Lucas for confirmation.

“I think we’re also concerned to put the record straight about our reputations Bat. You know how that goes!” Lucas smiled

“Why yes. Thank you for reminding me! I understand you have a reputation to be concerned about as well Wes.”

“Yes I do. It seems Oklahoma is a good place to become known, aye Lucas?” Wes looked Lucas in the eye while Bat searched for his cheroots.

“I think we have all been through that rumor mill Wes. Kansas, Texas, Arizona, it doesn’t matter where. If you kill enough gunmen or put away a few outlaws you’ll wind up with a reputation, simple as that.”

Bat brought out three smokes and handed them out. “These are from the White Elephant Wes, our favorites now. I can have some shipped to you if you would like.”

“Sounds good to me, they smell wonderful. That White Elephant has quite a reputation. I understand you two had a real thrill on your recent visit there.”

“That is the understatement of the century!” Bat chuckled.

“I read about Luke Short and everything else you boys have been up to. Wish I could have been along for that wild ride!”

“We had so much action on that trip. Can you imagine tracking a criminal all the way back to New York?” Bat let go of a couple of smoke rings.

“Never have been back that way. You guys will have to tell me all about it.”

“We never tire of telling that story……” Bat sat back and prepared his well rehearsed tale.

The men reveled in story telling for quite some time. Wes was glad for the company. Things had been slow of late. He looked forward to the big event and news of the wedding as well. Wes informed them that Mayor Hamilton was out of town for a few days, but that he had already mentioned his desire for the excitement of the gun show to get underway. They all walked over to the newspaper and talked over placing an ad and printing posters. That was one way to get the word out, and a stop at Sweeney’s was another. Sweeney was very happy for the news and to have the celebrities make the announcement while there were some customers in the saloon. Bat put on a short poker game to feed the fire and promised to come back for more action later. The next order of business was to send telegrams and then order supplies and materials for the hot bath. By the end of the afternoon they had accomplished a great deal. Mark, Dillon, and Will arrived with plans for dinner at the hotel. Lou came over to join them. After the meal, Bat took the guys back to Sweeney’s for a rousing evening of poker and gun talk. This was the best advertising possible. Lou took Mark back to the hotel for some ice cream and a chat.

“So tell me how was school Mark. Did you get homesick?”

“At times it hits me hard. I miss the ranch most of all, but I sure do miss our times together too. School is one of those things in life that we must sacrifice for I reckon. It’s good to learn my roots back where Pa and I came from too. Uncle Dillon and Aunt Ruth are real nice people and they give me plenty of room to do what I want. I think in another year I will have a good idea of what I want to study at a bigger college.”

“That’s a great thing you are doing Mark Honey, I’m very happy for you. I miss you a lot too though. I guess we all have to sacrifice. I want you to know that you can always come to me whenever you need to. I realize there will be a new woman in your family, but we have been very close for some time now. I want you to know that I like Aubrey very much and you needn’t feel any need to play favorites with either of us.”

“Pa says that you are family no matter what. I won’t ever forget that Lou. We all mean too much to each other. Aubrey understands that too. We get along just fine and I know she will make Pa real happy. They both have ranching in their blood.”

“That is very important to make a marriage work Mark. You must be able to share each other’s passion for life. I’m very happy for your Pa.”

“I have to tell you that I used to wonder why you and Pa wouldn’t get married. He really cares about you. We went through a lot together. But I don’t think Pa could ever settle on things. Maybe he was too afraid to lose another love. He loved my Mom so much and it really deep down hurt him inside. But I can see that he has found what it takes to heal that now. When I was younger, all I knew was that I needed a motherly influence. Now I can understand. But you know how I feel about you and Milly. Both of you went a long way too make me feel loved. It has been a great blessing in my life.”

“I’m glad you can realize that Mark. I must admit that I was just a little shocked when I first heard that your father was going to get married. I knew he was changing though back when you first left for school.”

“I don’t think he realized what being alone was going to do to him until I was gone. When he decided to bring Will Fulton to the ranch he was seeking a new way and giving me the same. We have both grown a great deal because of our separation. And now we can spread our wings and come back to the roost with broader horizons.”

“That’s a great way to look at it! We all have to go through growing pains at times, but then we figure out why later and the pain becomes worth it. I know things will get better for all of us, me too.”

“I know you might be feeling strange about all of this Lou. I gotta say that it’s not easy to accept change right away. You and Pa spent a lot of time together and I know it was a big part of your life since coming to North Fork. But even though we won’t be around as often for a spell, you know that we always have you in our hearts.”

“Why thank you Mark! You’ll always be like a son to me. I know things will work out for the best. I have great faith in your Pa. And I have that same faith in you. We have a lot to learn in this life and I know the Good Lord put us all here together for a reason.”

“Kinda makes life worth living, huh!”

“Yes it does. Even though I have had to work hard to win over the people of this town it’s been worth every moment. Well earned friends last a lifetime. I know that’s what I have earned here.”

“I’m glad we had this talk Lou. You mean a lot to me, never doubt that. I know the same goes for Pa.”

Tears formed in Lou’s eyes as she gazed down at the man who once was a small boy in her arms. “You are very special Mark. We all expect great thing of ye. But you have already been great just growing up in front of me. Oh, I know things will be alright. Still I can’t help but cry and let the emotion out.

Mark got a little teary eyed too as they hugged and then went back to finish the ice cream. “Thanks Lou, I know we both feel better now. Let me tell you more about school in Enid……”

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