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The Rifleman's Serenade
Chapter 8 - Long Awaited
Written by Frank Charles aka weinerdawgy

As the final week before the wedding came, more guests began to show up. Familiar faces from far and near got word and found a train. The hotels had to strain to provide all that was needed. Lou was once again anxious over supplies and time. She agreed to set up and host the wedding rehearsal and formal dinner. The ranch ladies and some from the church came to lend a hand and provide homemade dishes. On Tuesday Aubrey’s son, Daniel Canton, and his family arrived at the McCain Ranch. There was his wife, Laura, daughter, Bonnie, and his son, Benjamin. It was hard to find space for such honored guests. Lucas and Aubrey made room for them in the log cabin though. It made Aubrey feel good to be with her side of the family once again. They spent wonderful times looking over the two ranches and going into North Fork.

On Thursday a very special surprise guest came to town, Simon Battle. Bat sent word weeks before and Simon decided to make the trip. It was a long ride and he was always busy at home, but how could he miss something this special? Lucas was so distracted it didn’t occur to him to contact Simon. Bat noticed this and thought the surprise would be fun. Bat found a reason to get Lucas into town that afternoon and said they should go by the train station to see who might be arriving. Before Lucas knew what was going on, Simon walked up and hugged him!

Hey there Brother Lucas, I was told you might be here this weekend. I didn’t have anything better to do, so I hopped on the train!”

Simon! You sneaky old codger! Oh God! I never let you know about the wedding!” Lucas didn’t know whether to smile or hide in shame.

“It was our buddy Bat that gave me the alert old friend. I understand. It takes so much to get married, you can’t think of everything.” Simon stood back and gave an assuring glance at Masterson.

“It would only sound bad to make excuses, I’m so sorry. But you’re here! How wonderful! I trust your family is doing well.”

“Yes. Everyone is busy and sends their love. Vicki is doing so well. What a great thing Lucas, I didn’t think you were ever going to remarry.”

“I have to tell you I was thinking the same until Aubrey and I set eyes on each other in Santa Fe. It was love at first sight!”

“And you were there to do another gun show! You guys have been bold with our little idea! Santa Fe, then Dallas, and the next thing I hear you’re shooting with Annie Oakley. Do you ever find time to rest?”

“No more than you do Simon, no more than you. We wished you could have been there with us. There’s so much to fill you in on.” Lucas was almost in a state of shock. How could he have forgotten Simon? But Simon was enjoying this and knew it was doing Lucas more good than harm.

“I’ll tell ya what boys, I’m about starved on that railroad food. Why don’t we find ourselves a nice place to go sit down and enjoy a good meal? It’s on me.” Simon grabbed Bat by the sleeve and wrapped his other arm around the shoulder of Lucas.

“You’re not paying for a thing while you’re here Simon! Don’t even think about it!” Lucas led them over to Lou’s and they were given a private place to talk and eat.

It was a magic reunion. It took several hours for Lucas and Bat to tell the many stories needed to bring Simon up to date. For as much as they had told them before, this was a most special of joys to recount it all over for their comrade. Simon read a great deal in the newspaper and was familiar with where they had been, but the detail and laughter was priceless. It was another challenge to find Simon a spot at the ranch, but Lucas managed to fit him in. Mark was now a permanent fixture in the bunkhouse action at the lodge. Now that most everyone had arrived and the schedule was set, all attention went towards the final wedding rehearsal and dinner on Friday night. Sunday was so close Lucas could taste it.

Micah had his dinner speech ready and was fairly settled on what he would say at the wedding. Lucas had a lot to consider in picking a best man. When it came right down to it, Sam was the most deserving choice. Many wanted to see Bat have the honor, but Bat told Lucas he thought Sam would get more appreciation out of it.

Aubrey didn’t have anyone in mind as Maid of Honor from Santa Fe, most of her friends were of the casual nature back home. Since she had been talking more lately with Lou, it seemed a natural thing to ask of her. Lou wasn’t sure right away, but realized that it was best to cement their friendship in this way. Aubrey was made very happy when Lou accepted a few days after being asked.

“I’d be right proud to be by your side Aubrey. I’m sorry I needed a little time to settle my feelings when you first asked.”

“Now don’t you think a thing of it Lou! You’re very special to me. I knew this might put you on the spot. But now that I know you there isn’t anyone else I’d rather have as my best friend. My previous life revolved almost totally around my husband and our ranch. I feel much more at home here in North Fork.”

“Then tell me something Aubrey, after so many years in Santa Fe how is it that you never found time to go to church or join a group of some kind, to have some close friends?”

“I have friends Lou, don’t get me wrong. I suppose I could ask one of them, maybe a few will be disappointed even. But I want it to be you. I went to church on occasions but I’m not one to depend on that. My husband and I loved our life together, we wanted to be at home most of the time. Santa Fe is a big town and not the same close knit community as North Fork. I’m sure you can identify with that. What made you come here?”

“That is a good point. Ye know me better than I know me self! Early on I had some money from owning a saloon in Denver and I knew the railroad was coming to North Fork. The Hotel and General Store were for sale and most of the locals weren’t paying attention. So I stepped in and took advantage. I made no bones about the fact that I was out to make money and have a firm hold on my way of life. Lucas can tell you about how we first met even. It was over buying the General Store from Milly. Oh, we had to bargain we did. I started out calling him “Cowboy”. I told him I had no time for friends, if I didn’t look out for myself nobody else would. But before we knew it, friendship took over. Well, I sure made Ned Jackman and his boys mad when I bought some of their land and they realized it was going to be right of way for the railroad. They kidnapped me and tried to force me to marry one of them. Micah and Lucas had to rescue me. I had a hard time saying thank you, but I learned I couldn’t do it by myself after all. I’ve told you some about this before. It took me a long time, but people warmed up to me. The same is happening faster for you Aubrey. We’re just in the right time and frame of mind to get along. Kind of a miracle I would say!”

“Surely my whole life changing as it is can be thought of as a miracle. Lucas is a miracle as far as men are concerned. You just don’t find one like him very often!” Aubrey giggled and gave Lou a little nudge.

“You’re so right my dear. And I don’t envy you one bit. I would have in an earlier time. As I’ve said before, I wanted Lucas to love me and he has in many ways. But it’s as much my fault as his that we never got serious. I’m just too independent for most any man. I’ll argue a point for days, even months. I can’t help myself. But I am loyal and will fight right along side when the times come. That is why Mark and I are so close. Most of our times together were concerning Mark. Lucas was never able to let himself feel free for romance. I was too busy with my work also. You two are very blessed to find each other at just the right time.”

“I’m equally blessed to know you right here and now. But what do you see yourself doing in the coming years? Do you think you’ll find a man?”

“That’s a very big question. Something that has occurred to me since getting to know Sarah Cockrell is that a woman doesn’t have to be married to feel right in life. Maybe I’m not the type for it. She comes from a time when Dallas was growing up just like North Fork is now. I don’t want to sell myself short. This is my oyster and the shell still needs some prying before I can consider myself successful.” Lou wringed her hands as she looked upwards after this thought.

“I understand Lou. I don’t feel as if I’m stealing Lucas from you in any way. I want you to feel free to remain close with him and Mark. We can be sisters, I wish you all the best in your efforts. Once we settle down, I know we can maybe even work together.”

“That would be wonderful. And as we age, I’ll look forward to a bit more ranch time!”

“That’s the spirit Lou! I’m so happy we can get along like this. You’re the best!”

“So are you Aubrey. It makes me very happy to see Lucas with you. I had no way of knowing I could feel good about this beforehand. But it has been a great lesson in life to find this out. It helps me to become focused. If it’s meant to be, I’ll find somebody, no reason to be in angst over it.”

“May this be the birth of a wonderful life together for all of us Lou. Thank you for agreeing to be my Maid of Honor. I just know this is going to be the best of times.”

“I promise that I’ll do everything I can to make sure it will be my dear, you can rest easy about that!”

Planning for the reception required some thought as to how to make it different than the recently held celebration for the Fulton’s. The food and the barn dance would have to take place in about the same fashion. There needed to be a special theme or form of entertainment. Emma stepped up to put on a show in the Lodge. She had given several performances in town and at the Fulton wedding, but she thought she could come up with something different. Lucas and Bat did most of the butchering with some assistance from Sam and the hands. They prepared plenty of beef. It wouldn’t be aged as much as usual, but still very good. A great deal of Pork and Chicken were also prepared. It was going to be difficult to know how many people were going to be at the party.

Another thing that had to be considered was that Sam and Vanessa wanted to renew their vows. Was it best to do this before the McCain wedding or should they find another time? With Sam set to be Best Man for Lucas, it was a difficult choice. Finally, they decided that Reverend Jamison could perform a simple ceremony during the party at the lodge and not affect the McCain’s being the center of attention.

Late on Thursday night, Daniel finally found a chance to have a private conversation with Lucas. There was much on his mind and time was growing short.

“Lucas, I hope we can find more time for our side of the family in the future. I realize a lot has been happening around here. I just want you to know a few things before it’s final.”

“I’m sorry we haven’t had much time Daniel. It hasn’t been easy for you I reckon.”

“I don’t want to make it seem that there’s problems. I think Mom has made her choice of her own free will and is very much in love with you. The bottom line for me is to know that she will be safe and happy. With that in mind, I know what kind of man you are. Not much different than my father. He couldn’t let a fight get by him anymore than I know you can. I just don’t want my mother to relive the grief once more. Can you promise me that your days of danger are pretty much over?”

“I wish I could Daniel. I don’t go looking for a fight. I have to admit that I’ve had my share of trouble over the years. I hope you can see that we have some very good things going on here. Danger’s not been stalking us as in the past. We have many men on both ranches and we keep plenty busy and out of the way. But nobody can promise that ranch life or a man with my past can be totally without danger. We will be traveling at times and that can always entail the obvious hazards. Why are you so concerned?”

“Our family’s past has not been as storied as yours. My father was a Civil War vet though, he saw plenty of action. Santa Fe has a violent history and he found his way into a lot of scrapes. But he was a great man and stood up to it well, until that terrible day when he died. Since then, I’ve been very concerned about violence. I’ve been fortunate as his son. I don’t fight so much and I keep busy with our ranch. My family is almost my entire focus. So I hope you can understand that I worry about my mother.”

“I respect that. I suppose most men would feel the same, as did I in my early days. Mark can tell you a great deal, but I can put it to you this way. Any good man is capable of living without violence. But violence is not capable of leaving most good men alone. I wish that my early life could have been simpler and that I could have had a peaceful time of it. When it came time to raise a family, I thought I was past most of my trouble. Mark came along and our ranch seemed to be on a good path. Once my wife died though, I came here to hopefully find a new life. The problem always was that I had a reputation with my rifle, an old one and a new one. I had to defend myself here from the start. North Fork isn’t Santa Fe, but we had our share of violence as you know. What you have to realize is we survived. Your mother is very safe with me. We will not be alone either. Bat Masterson is the finest as are many others near me. I don’t want anything to endanger your mother any more than you. I didn’t remarry in all of this time for a reason. I had no choice with Mark, but I wasn’t going to bring another woman into my life until I knew it could be the right thing to do.”

“That’s a fair answer, Dad!” Daniel took a deep breath and Lucas smiled. “I have to tell you that we went through some tough times with Mom when father died. It hit her very hard as it would anybody. But it’s a nerve we have felt great pain with. I hope you can understand that I must be watchful over my mother.”

“I’m happy you are. I wouldn’t want it any other way. After all that I’ve been through with Mark, I hope that my fatherly sense is honed to a fine enough edge to gain your acceptance. Both of you are an only child. You have much in common and I know the things that can affect you more than those from larger families. It can make you stronger if you let it. I see that in you very much. I hope you can find that in Mark. Now that Mark is getting older, it’s my hope that you two can be good friends and share in many ways. You’re part of our lives now.”

“I thank you for that Dad. I just don’t find it right to call you Lucas right now. I need a Dad!”

“You’re welcomed. You’re my son now. I know you’re doing a great job running your ranch, it takes most of your time. Take a look around while you’re here, learn what you can from these hands. Sam and I are learning as much today as when we were getting started. We rely on our best men most of the time now. Someday you may need to oversee others. If it fits in your plans, you can come here as much as you want and all of our ranches can work together. I didn’t think I would ever get this far, but I’ve had to change with age and circumstance. Children grow up and they don’t always want to run the ranch once they see the rest of the world. It can only be good for you to consider these things from an earlier age. Prepare in small ways until the time comes for you to expand the operation or move on.”

“That’s very wise. I’ll keep it in mind. I love this place. Mark and I have had some talk, but it will not be often unless he’s able to be nearby. Someday we may both have to get along if we inherit and must work together.”

“That’s very true. I hope that day does come, just not too fast!” Lucas chuckled and gazed up to the stars. The beef industry is changing all the time. We ship further, grow faster, face more competition. That’s what drove Sam and I to combine our efforts. It wasn’t going to be easy for me to run this place on my own. I never had any luck finding dependable help until Sam’s crew came along. He had a bigger spread and more organization. As you can tell, things happen fast when you can trust an organization. This is all less than a year old and already my life is completely different. Can you imagine what’s going to happen in another ten years?”

“Yes. We’re going to either have to change or be driven out of business by the big ranches. I work very hard and with little help. We get by as a small family right now, but the future is like a rolling stone, it gathers speed and it’s a downhill ride. I appreciate your willingness to work with me. It will take a few years for us to settle in with the big picture, but I know we must learn to work together. I’ll be thinking of how to go about finding good help soon. I have a few guys that come by for part time work of course. But we need to build our herd if we intend to compete.”

“We are lucky if it isn’t too late here already. The small ranch can only stand alone for a short time longer. Some may be lucky and in a good spot to remain independent, but most will fall by the wayside because big money talks the loudest. Fortunately, Sam had a mature operation to start this mutual effort. I’m not sure of what you might face in Santa Fe. But we have a chance to work with each other as time goes by. It will take some time before we can get things going, but don’t wait around for long.” Lucas drew out a couple of Cheroots. “Smoke?”

“I don’t mind. Not often, but those do smell pretty good.” Daniel allowed Lucas to light the cigar and he took several short drags. “I can get used to that!”

“I do some of my best thinking with a cigar lit.” Lucas and Daniel sat silent for a few minutes looking to the stars for wisdom.

“I don’t think I’m going to worry so much about Mom. She’s very smart you know.”

“She is indeed! She picked me didn’t she?” Lucas smiled.

“I thought you picked her!” Daniel coughed on too big of a drag on the Cheroot.

“We were drawn to each other son. It was neither one of us on our own in angst over the other. The Good Lord was surely at work that evening. Our eyes met across that room and I could no more help myself than she could. I love her very much. We both know we can never replace our first loves. We have grown together a great deal in these last so many months. I’ve not felt so strong about a woman since my Margaret passed. We heal each other’s souls.”

“I think my soul has healed a bit just now, Dad!”

Friday’s sun brought the heat of summer to bake a thick crust on the bread of life cooking in North Fork. Last minute preparations at the church went on in the early afternoon and the rehearsal quickly showed that things were going to run smooth on Sunday. Lucas wanted a regular service before the wedding so that Reverend Jamison could have an opportunity to put everyone in a thoughtful mood before the ceremony. The ladies continued to fuss over the wedding gown. It was a marvelous collage of sewing expertise and fabric selection. Aubrey eyed herself in the mirror often and kept the design as simple as she could. Where Ann had to relent to her mother’s whims for the lace, Aubrey put her foot down early on that subject. She kept the frills to a minimum and the train as short as possible. Lucas wore his Tuxedo and New York Top Hat, as if he wasn’t tall enough already. More than one commented that he looked like Lincoln without his beard. He planned to take it off during the ceremony. But they had a good time clowning around and showing off their threads for the rehearsal. People not invited to the practice session stood outside the church wanting to be part of the dinner afterwards. Lucas could not help but invite them in. A grand dinner was served to the seated guests. Lou had things well in order and many brought dishes to make sure there was plenty for everyone.

Finally, the time for speeches had arrived. Reverend Jamison went first.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I need not tell anyone present just how special this union is going to be. This town has grown up around the valuable guidance and watchful eye of Lucas McCain. This man has great dedication in all that he does. We thank you Lucas.” Jamison looked into Lucas’ eyes. “I can’t express what it all means to me, but we go back a long way. God has shown me the courage required to face the facts of life through you, Lucas. He has given me a road to forgiveness and taught me what I’ve needed to be a leader of the finest of people. No greater purpose can I have for the remainder of my days. And it takes a very special lady to fulfill this honorable man. In Aubrey, Lucas has what he long prayed for. She is what all of us have hoped for in Lucas. They reflect each other’s faith, giving strength and comfort after tragic loss. I pray that the example they set will go a long way towards teaching others the value of remaining true to oneself. It has given them the wisdom to know that what they are doing is a right thing in the eyes of God and to those they hold dear from earlier times. God Bless you Lucas and Aubrey! Likewise, I pray that Aubrey finds our town part of what she has prayed for. Many of us know her home of Santa Fe, but she is in North Fork for her first time. Bless all of you for accepting her into our family.”

The cheers were long and loud as they always are at times like this. Lucas stood and shook hands with the Reverend. As he looked over the faces that inner tear started to form once again, straining with all of his might, it held back from exposing him as a softy. Jamison put his arm around Lucas and the two men felt better about each other than ever before. Aubrey stood to join them and then Lucas asked to introduce the next speaker.

“Now I know this might seem a bit unusual, but I have asked a very special person to perform our ceremony Sunday. Please show support and give him the honor he deserves for his bravery in this task! Micah, the floor is yours!”

Micah stood up and waited a few minutes to let things quiet down. This was about the most important thing anyone had ever asked him to do. It was easy in one way, Lucas was like a son. But he was on the spot. It was nothing new to him but this time he couldn’t be helped by having a shot gun in his arms.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you about my best friend. He found me a very lost soul. He helped me regain my strength when I was at my weakest. He stood by my side throughout the many years I have been marshal of North Fork. While it is true that I called him deputy, he was really a rock that I could rely on in the most trying of times. He saved my life often and many of you have him to thank for the peace we enjoy in North Fork today. Above and beyond his courage and willingness to take the lead, he is my best friend. Early on, he had to have great patience with me and we had run-ins over a few issues. But it wasn’t long before I knew I could trust him with anything. He’s worked as hard as any father to raise a son. Mark has been as a grandson to me. The paths worn in my checker board can attest to that.”

“As father and son grew up, so did North Fork. Lucas became an advocate to help bring the railroad to town, he stood up for land owner’s rights, and he has been an icon to all of us, a symbol of the pride we take as citizens of both New Mexico and North Fork. Most of us have forged a new life here and so it was for Lucas McCain. I’m proud to be part of that, and thank God we found each other in the pursuit of that very goal. It is a true blessing to see our lives now mature, secure in the knowledge that men such as Lucas McCain made it possible. In recent times, North Fork has had to make changes. We have a new marshal, and Lucas a new life. Children have grown into adults and are no longer always by our side. But the spirit is there. No matter how far Lucas or Mark may travel, we will have them in our hearts forever. When a trying time might visit, we can always ask ourselves, “What would Lucas have done?” We’ve seen him do it for many years now. The one thing I know for sure is that he will never hesitate. When he takes aim you know that action is bound to follow.” Micah looked over the audience and did his best to hold back a tear as well. “Well, we are seeing some action now! Some long awaited action though it may be. God bless you Lucas! May you and Aubrey be as happy together as you have made all of us happy to know you!” Cheers started to go up.

Micah raised his hands and managed to get out one last statement. “Now my back and hips aren’t what they used to be, and I don’t figure to do much more shootin’ around town. But you all aren’t through with me yet! Lucas has me at his ranch for now and I’m feeling much better due to his kindly ways. I think I got just enough energy left to see to it that these two are properly hitched come Sunday. I’m more honored to do this than any other thing I have ever done. I know that I have a permanent place on the ranch and I intend to be there often. But I want it known that I’m still looking for a downstairs flat in town!” Laughter came quick from that comment as Lucas stood up to hug him. Then came the cheers as Micah moved fast to regain his seated position.

Lucas had the floor again after some time for everyone to settle down. “Now you all are going to have to get this applause stuff under control if we are ever going to get over with this here wedding! I know I have put Micah on the spot, but just take a look at this wonderful man and all that he has meant to us over the years. Thank you for what you said about me friend. May I double it right back at ya! We’ll always be joined by our spirits. Now I know there are a few more of ya that have things you want to say. We have time for that. I know a number of you here and could let the whole night go by. But there is one man I want you all to meet, a very good friend, one who had an early part in our gun show idea, Doctor Simon Battle.

Simon got up and tapped Bat on the shoulder on his way up front. “Why thank you Lucas! It is indeed a very special honor for me to be here for this great occasion. Perhaps some of you might recall when I was in North Fork before. We had quite a shoot out, but Lucas and I came to be friends in a most unusual way in the process. Because of that experience, he traveled to Yuma to see me last year and consequently met Bat Masterson. Now I can talk for hours about the many things that have gone on between us. But to be brief, we are all gunslingers with a noble cause. It is Bat that sparked our interest with his mania for target practice. And now look what has happened! Not only has our Lucas become the next best thing since Annie Oakley, he’s gone and found him a wife too! It all goes to show that you never know what’s going to happen, but you won’t ever find out unless you get out there and try. Well Lucas, you have done a whole lot more than try. You are a world shaker and I have a feeling that this world has only begun to realize the power behind your mighty grip! I, for one, am looking forward to what comes next! I’m right proud to be part of your story, friend!” Simon gave a final wave, hugged Lucas, and took his seat. Bat jumped up next before Lucas could say anything.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Most of you know how I feel about Lucas. He is my brother and much more than a friend. I think it is safe to say that we have changed each other’s outlook on life a great deal in a very short period of time. No telling what’s going to happen next, but I promise you that it will be earth shaking! NEXT!” Before a cheer could go up Bat tipped his derby and was back in his seat.

Sam Bard was next to take the floor. He rose his wine glass and proposed a toast. “Once in a lifetime a man finds a true best friend if he’s fortunate. We’re much more than fortunate in Lucas McCain. I might be his best man right now, but I’m looking over a room full of best men. Let’s hear it for our Best Man and the best friend any of us could ever hope for, may we share him equally!”

Lucas was numb from all the praise by now. He stood up and downed his wine along with his friends. There were still a few more wanting to say something, Mark being a most important next.

“Pa, I just want to say that for all the times I tried to fix you up and when I became hopeful that you would get married again, I can now understand why you have taken so long. It may seem selfish of me to say this, but I know it was because of me. Our love for each other is so strong yet sometimes we fail to realize how important it is. Well, now I can feel confident in your love for another. I have grown up in your love and I promise to always reflect that as I find my way in life. I’ll rest easy now in the knowledge that you are completely surrounded by love. We have surely conquered all!”

Lucas got up and grabbed Mark in a bear hug and the two remained there as everyone cheered for what seemed an eternity. Finally, William joined them and said a few words. “You are looking at the finest father and son the creator has ever put on this earth. Baptized by fire and washed in the blood of the lamb. Christ has surely walked by their side and it’s our privilege to have them by ours’ now. I know I can’t thank them enough in a thousand years. May God at least give us enough time to try!” More cheers went up as Ann and Aubrey joined them, it seemed as if the time for talk was over. But then a tall man in a well made suit came up before the guests of honor. Lucas turned around and his eyes met a very dear and old friend. Somebody he had not seen in many years! Johnny Morgan!

“Why I’ll be! Johnny Morgan! Everyone! Johnny and I go way back to my early days in Oklahoma. He became my lawyer as I bought ranch land and began a family. I could tell you stories all night about this guy!” Lucas had no idea Johnny was in town.

“Thank you Lucas! How great to find you so surrounded by friends. Everyone, I want you to know that Lucas is not only the good man that you all know from his time in North Fork, but he is well loved by those that know him from another era in his life. You are looking at a genuine Civil War hero and one of the toughest hardest working men from Oklahoma. I knew him before he and Margaret met. And I was there when Mark was born. I only wish that I had had time to come here before now to see just how special he can be. By starting his life over in this new world he’s shown us all how it’s done. While I’m sure there have been plenty such stories across our wonderful country, Lucas is the one we know. The bravery and dedication it takes to build a ranch and raise a son alone is beyond most of our imaginations. And to achieve so much is even rarer. I look forward to a most joyous of unions and a renewed friendship with a great brother in my life. I’m so happy to be here!” Johnny grabbed Lucas away as he stood there is shock for a hug. As they drew near Johnny whispered in his ear. “Lucas, I came here to talk with you about some things. I hope we can find time to speak in private.”

“Of course we can, might be a little while, but stick by me as we leave later on.” Lucas looked back over the cheering friends, wine was pouring and toasts were going around in small circles. It was time to settle things down and move on with the evening’s festivities. Lucas wondered who else he was going to be surprised by before this weekend was over.

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