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The Next Step…
Chapter 98 – A Changing Wind
Written by Deanne Bertram

Friday morning, Mark woke early knowing he was going to have a long day working the ranch by himself, before helping Hope clean house. As Mark led Rainmaker from the barn, he was surprised to see Jake waiting on his own horse.

“What are you doing here?” asked Mark.

“Figured you’d need some help today since your Pa is going to be laid up for a while.”

“Okay, let’s get moving. Show me how well you kept up with everything.”


By noon, Mark waved goodbye to Jake and returned home, satisfied that most everything on the range was in good shape.

Upon entering his home, his wife met him at the door, “Would you like to wear one of these?” as she held one of her aprons in her hand.

“Very funny,” laughed Mark as he set his rifle over the mantle and hung his hat from the peg behind the front door.

The twins and Eli came from their room and asked, “Papa, are you gonna…”

“Don’t you dare say women’s work,” warned Mark as he turned and pointed to his sons.

“Oh no, I remember the last time I said that word. We were gonna ask if you were gonna help us clean our room?”

“No, you three are on your own. You only have one room to clean; I get to help your Mama clean the rest of the house.”

“Didn’t think so,” sulked Eli as the three went back to their room.


Hope was pleased with the cleanliness of their home by the time they needed to get ready to head into town for the Sweetheart’s Dance Saturday afternoon.

Before helping his family into their buckboard, Mark helped his Pa climb up onto the front seat of his buckboard and placed the crutches under the seat before he helped his Ma up. Mark snickered as he turned to walk away, hearing Milly insist to Lucas that she would drive, “You just sit there, and enjoy the scenery.”


Upon the McCain’s arrival in town, they were curious to see Lariat escorting a woman into the town hall, but they were surprised when they learned who the woman was.

Lariat introduced, “Ruth, I’d like you to meet Mark and Hope McCain and their children, Josh, Zach, Eli, Mykaela, and Faith.” Whispering he asked, “Did I get them all right?”

“Shore did!” Josh boldly declared.

“And this is one of my best friends, Lucas McCain and his wife Milly, and their children Miss Myra, Little Ted, and Levi.”

“You got them right too,” declared Zach.

“’cept he forgot Papa,” Mykaela stated.

“Oh, excuse me, Mykaela. Yes, Mark is Lucas’ oldest son.”

“McCain’s, I’d like you to meet Miss Ruth Jackford.”

“Now Ms. Jackford, don’t let your brother tell you differently, but speaking of Mark here, why I’ve heard your brother has a soft spot whenever it comes to anything to do with him,” Johnny Drako interrupted as he came up and slapped Mark on the back of his shoulders. “Good to see you Mark.”

“Excuse me?” Ruth asked in surprise.

“Ain’t nothing to do with no soft spot.” Oat attempted to defend himself, having overheard Drako’s claim. “Ain’t nothing wrong with admiring a young man who stands up to wear a badge.”

“Why Oat, you’ve never admired anyone before, I only thought you admired your land and your money,” Ruth answered.

“Mark was raised right. Grew up to be a fine marshal,” replied Oat.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Lucas answered as any proud father would.

“Now listen here McCain…” Oat pointed his finger to Lucas.

Placing her hand on her brother’s arm and lowering it down, Ruth said, “Oat, please, I think we’re embarrassing the young man. It’s a pleasure to meet you and your families.”

“Come along Ruth,” gruffed Oat.

“Now you know full well that Mr. Jones invited me to accompany him this evening. You go on inside,” Ruth insisted.


After exchanging a few more pleasantries, the groups walked the rest of the way into the town hall. Music was already emanating from within, causing smiles to appear on everyone’s face.

“Yes, Isaiah?” Lucas asked.

“Mr. McCain, I was hoping… seeing as how you’re back home, might I escort Myra for the evening?”

Lucas tried to stand to his full height and appear serious, “And just what are your intentions this evening?” Lucas tried hard to keep the smile off his face as he saw Myra clasp her hands together and smile.

“Sir? I just want to dance with her… Honest!” answered Isaiah.

“Okay, but just dance,” answered Lucas.

“Papa, can we have some punch, too?” Myra asked.

“Sure Sweetheart.”

Upon watching his daughter walk away hand-in-hand with Isaiah, Lucas said, “Don’t give me that look, Mark.”

“What look? I was only thinking of how much longer it’s NOT going to be before I have to start worrying about boys calling.”

Slapping Mark on the back, “Well, if I can survive, I think you can survive. Let’s go inside.”

“Yeah, but you only have one daughter,” Mark quietly answered.

“But you wear a badge,” smiled Hope.


Johnny Drako came up next to Lucas and stated, “Guess you’re wondering about the woman and the boy standing next to Oat?”

“Yeah, I was…”

“Her name is Mary Walters and her son is Corbin, she’s a widow and he’s about eight. They came in on the train, the same one you and Mark returned on. Hear tell Ruth and Mary struck up a friendship on the train, and I guess Oat’s struck up a friendship since she arrived in town.”

“Never, seen him smile so much,” Milly whispered in reply.


The dance was in full swing when at the end of an up-beat song, Mark laughingly escorted Hope from the dance floor when a large man bumped into him, “Excuse me,” Mark stated in an attempt to apologize. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“And just who do you think you are?” the man angrily retorted.

“Nothing to get upset about, it was an accident. I’m sorry,” Mark tried to diffuse the situation, while he attempted to escort Hope and walk around the man.

Grabbing Mark’s arm, “You’re sorry? You come here and act all high and mighty? Well I’ll tell ya, I’m just as good as you are…” the man slurred his words as he spoke.

“I didn’t say anything to the contrary,” replied Mark. “Listen mister, why don’t you go to the hotel and sleep it…”

The man didn’t give Mark a chance to finish his suggestion when he threw a left punch, connecting with Mark’s right jaw; as Mark collapsed to the ground he heard Hope cry out “Mark!!”

The man drunkenly stood over Mark when he didn’t attempt to stand. Mark tried to shake the cobwebs that addled his brain when the man pulled him off the floor by grabbing the front of his shirt.

“I tell ya this, no one tells Quinton Trumble what to do! Nobody! Least of all some sodbuster!”

By the time he threw Mark across the floor, many of North Fork’s citizens were trying to wrestle Trumble to the ground. Through the man’s drunken rage, he put up a strong fight against those who were attempting to restrain him. Finally, Drako had enough, and with the butt of his gun, struck the man over the back of his head. As the big man started to collapse, the others stood back and allowed him fall with a loud thud to the floor.

The band stopped playing with a few of the instruments sounding off key, while conversations waned.

“I need three of you to help me get his sorry a... carcass over to the jail. DOC! Has anybody seen Doc?” Johnny Drako called out, his voice sounding louder in the quietness of the hall.

“I’m tending to Mark!” Thadd yelled in reply.

“Okay! Men, let’s move him.”

After Trumble had been removed from the town hall, the crowd nervously chatted in small groups as to the cause of the fight while others stated it was a shame it had happened at the Sweetheart’s Dance.


Slowly, due to being on crutches, Lucas made his way through the dispersing crowd to check on his son, “Doc?”

“He’ll be okay, Lucas. Just got his bell rung; Hope, why don’t you escort your husband to the bench over there.”

“I’ll be okay,” Mark stated, rubbing at his jaw.

“I know you will, but I want you to take it easy for a little while,” replied Thadd helping Mark to his feet.

Seth attempted to restart the festivities by encouraging the band to play so that the people of North Fork would get back to dancing and enjoying themselves.


The band played a slow waltz and one by one, couples took to the dance floor, with others standing at the sides, humming along or tapping their feet in tempo with the song. It didn’t take too long before the fight was forgotten and the festivities of the Sweetheart’s Dance resumed.

“Mr. Jones, aren’t you going to check on your friend, to make sure he’s okay?” Ruth Jackford asked.

“Now ma’am, how many times do I have to ask you to stop calling me Mr. Jones?”

“I’ll stop calling you Mr. Jones when you stop calling me ma’am. Makes me feel like an old spinster.”

“Old? You? Why, you’re as young as any spring chick. And that’s why I’m standing here. Someone needs to protect such a sweet young gal as you, considering your brother left you here all alone.”

“The Marshal stated he needed men to get that ruffian to jail… Besides, I thought I was here with you tonight.”

“That he did and yes you are.”

The band started playing another song, a little more livelier than the previous tune.

“So, since the band is playing a tune that I can dance to… Would you allow me the honor of this dance?” Lariat asked as he extended his arm and Ruth promptly placed her hand through the crook of his elbow and allowed herself to be escorted to the dance floor.

By the time the music ended, both were out of breath and laughing at the fun they’d had.

“Now I don’t know when I’ve had such an excellent dance partner,” complimented Lariat.

“I bet you say that to all the ladies you take to a dance.”

“My feet really appreciate how well you dance,” Lariat stated as he returned a flushed Ruth to the bench on the sidelines, his actions causing her to break out in laughter again as he picked up his foot. “See you didn’t step on my boots, not once.”


“Mark,” Lucas proceeded to ask, “What was that all about?”

“Pa, I don’t rightly know. We bumped, I tried to apologize…” stated Mark. He shook his head one more time.

“Pa, honestly, Mark and I were just leaving the dance floor…”

Sweeney came up behind the McCain’s, “Lucas, they’re right. They were minding their own business when that lug, Trumble, bumped into Mark. I knew he was spoiling for a fight. Was upset that I cut him off; he’d been drinking too much and I just knew he was going to cause trouble. Mark, I’m sorry… I tried to get Johnny’s attention.”

“Nothing for you to apologize for Sweeney, you tried your best…” Mark answered. “Just a shame it happened during the Sweetheart’s Dance.”

“That’s what everyone else said, Mark,” Milly stated as she stood next to Lucas.

“That lug will have an ugly lump on the back of his head when he wakes,” Oat commented as he rejoined the group. “Doesn’t he know you’re a U.S. Marshal?”

“You forget I’ve been away for a while.”

“That and Mark’s badge is pinned underneath his jacket to his shirt. That man couldn’t have seen it,” Hope replied.

Mark continued, “I’ve not spent much time in town since we returned, but I don’t remember seeing him before. Sweeney is he new in town or just passing through?”

“Him and his family moved into North Fork about a month back; took over the old Mosby place.”

“That old rundown shack?” Lilah questioned before she realized she had.

“Him, his misses, and two children,” replied Seth as he too joined the group. “Johnny and I kind of lost track of him during the evening. He carries a mean attitude in his dealings with anyone in town.”

“Are the children old enough to attend school?” asked Hope. “Neither of the twins have said anything about new students at school.”

Mrs. Porter was standing to the side of the group and commented, “I’ve only seen the misses once, and she looked timid. Didn’t see any children with them, I thought they might have been at school.”

“Guess we need to make a social call to see about the well-being of the family,” stated Mark.


Oat returned to the sidelines to hear, “Mr. Jackford, you’re so brave to help the Marshal with that brute of a man. What of the man he beat up?”

“Mrs. Walters, what I did was nothing. He should be thankful that the town didn’t string him up instead of the Marshal knocking him out. Just ain’t right to see Mark McCain taken advantage of like that; especially during such a social occasion.”

“I’ve not met Mr. McCain,” Mary replied.

“Oh, he and Lucas returned to North Fork the same day you arrived,” Lariat stated.

Puffing his chest forward Oat added, “Mark’s a good friend and the Territorial U.S. Marshal.”

Ruth leaned forward, “Mary, from what I hear, Mark is probably the only man my dear brother would ever consider a good friend.”

Oat ‘grumpfed’ in response to his sister’s comment.

Lariat turned his laugh into a cough when Oat looked in his direction.


As the evening broke up, Mark kissed his wife and children goodbye; he waved to them from in front of the Marshal’s Office as Hope drove the buckboard past. Following behind Hope were his parents and siblings in their buckboard; Milly again insisted in driving the team, while Lucas nervously sat in the seat beside her.

Mark stepped inside the office at hearing Trumble rattling the cell door, “Hey, let me out a here! You got no right to keep me!”

“We have every right to keep you in jail for disturbing the peace,” Mark stated as he removed his hat and set it on his desk.

“Sodbuster, you pulled a cheap shot. I’ll get even with you, just you wait…”

“Trumble!” Drako demanded as he entered the office. “You’d best mind what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to.”

“Ain’t no mangy sodbuster gonna scare me. You tell me who whacked me over the head and I’ll…”

“I did. Now just shut your yap and mind yourself before I decide to press additional charges against you,” Drako answered.

“For pushing some sodbuster out of my way? Ha!” Trumble crowed.

Walking close to the cell Mark spoke as he opened his jacket, showing the badge pinned to his shirt, “I take it you’ve not noticed that I too wear a badge.”

“Well, lookey lookey, little boy playing grown-up. Well, sonny, when you grow up…”

Ignoring the man’s taunt, Mark stated, “Trumble, this badge has federal backing, I’m a U.S. Marshal, with all the powers that come with the territory. Either you can be charged with disturbing the peace, drunk and disorderly or you can be charged with assaulting a federal marshal. Keep it up and we’ll pin the more serious charge against you.”

Mumbling under his breath, Trumble returned to the bunk in the cell, flopped down, and pulled the cover over his shoulder. Within minutes, he was snoring.

“Sweeney said he and his family arrived in town a month ago?” Mark asked.

Johnny answered as he walked to his desk, pulled out the chair to sit down, “Yeah, been nothing but trouble when he’s been drinking, which is most of the time.” Johnny pulled off his hat, set it on his desk, and ran his fingers through his hair.

“How much trouble?” asked Mark as he walked over and sat on the edge of Johnny’s desk.

“Mostly drunk and disorderly… Other times, he’s just belligerent… Makes Oat seem down-right pleasant. It’s almost like he’s looking for a fight,” Johnny replied.

“Like the one he pulled tonight? Thanks for the warning,” Mark teased as he rubbed his jaw.

“Sorry, I guess I should have warned you about him. Seth and I thought we could keep an eye on Trumble. Hey, what are you doing here anyway? Didn’t I just see your buckboard drive by?” Drako asked.

“Don’t you think it’s time I resumed my job? Why don’t you go on home and spend the rest of the night with Lou and your family. I can handle the town until tomorrow.”

“If that’s the way you want it, goodnight, Mark,” a smiling Drako replied as he gathered his hat before he closed the door and headed home.

“Didn’t think I’d get an argument from him,” Mark mused.


Mark sat at his desk and pulled out paper, pen, and an ink well. For the next hour he worked on writing his report regarding trailing after Turpin who had taken his Pa, and his encounter with Mable and her ring of thugs. After completing his report, he folded it and placed it in an envelope addressed to Cole Barker, U.S. Marshal, Denver, Colorado.

Sitting back in his chair, he reflected on the trip that had taken him so far away from his family, yet… so close to another part of his family. With his elbows on the arms of his chair, Mark folded his hands and rested his chin on his thumbs, allowing his memories to flow from his childhood. It had been some time since he had remembered back that far, but something wasn’t quite right… he couldn’t hear the song his Ma was singing, and though he saw himself sitting on her lap, he couldn’t feel her arms around him anymore. Mark tried to remember other times and the memories were the same, his Ma was there, but he could feel or hear her anymore…


Mark roused from his sleep as Thadd stepped into the office, “Just wanted to see how you were doing this morning. Especially with you sleeping at your desk like that… Any headache?”

“Yeah, I got me one hell-ov-a-headache,” Trumble declared from the cell. “Who knocked me out?”

Standing from his desk, Mark walked to the front of the cell. “That would be our town marshal. He should be here a little before eight o’clock to release you, after you pay your fine.”

“Mark, I was asking about you,” Thadd stated after waiting for Mark to turn around.

“I know you were Thadd. I’m doing fine,” replied Mark.

“Fine, fine, fine,” mocked Trumble. “Mangy sodbuster…” he mumbled as he heavily sat back upon the bunk in the cell.

Mark offered Thadd a cup of coffee.

“No, I think I’ll pass on that this morning, need to get to the clinic.”

“Why the rush?”

“No rush, honestly, wanted to maybe get a little sleep in. Sadie was a little colicky overnight, I’d finally get to sleep, and she’d start crying again.”

“That’s the trouble with children, I guess,” Mark replied.

“Yeah, you’ve been pretty lucky with your brood, none of them have kept you up all night…”

“I’ve done my fair share of diaper changing and sitting up with Hope while she nurses them. Go on now, before I decide to go tell Abigail you don’t have any patients.”

“You wouldn’t…” Looking at Mark’s expression, “You would at that. See you later.”

“So you got yourself a brood of brats, ain’t that just sweet,” Trumble called from the jail cell.

“Trumble, North Fork is a nice, quiet little town, and we like it that way. I also heard that you have two young children, and I will be making a call to your home to see why they’ve not been in school.”

“Ain’t need no book learning. They learn by doing! And if they ain’t doing when I get home, they’ll get their hides tanned.”


Mark followed Quinton Trumble home after Johnny released him. Mark knew the former Mosby place hadn’t been in good repair, but he was shocked at how the place looked. Everything was in disarray and an even worse manner of disrepair, the children he saw attempting to hide behind the barn door appeared filthy and underfed.

“You better get back in there and do your chores, else your hides will be tanned!” yelled Trumble.

Both children scurried into the dark insides of the barn.

“They need an education…” stated Mark.

“I give them all the education they need.”

“Listen Trumble, you have an obligation to see those children to school. Now I want to see both of them right now, or you’ll end up back in jail,” demanded Mark.

“You want to see them, you go to the barn.” Trumble walked to the house and yelled for his wife, “Where’s my breakfast?!”

Without even knowing the children, Mark felt sorry for them. He walked into the barn and called out, “Don’t be afraid, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m a U.S. Marshal and just want to meet you.”

From one of the stalls stepped two young children.

“Hello there, I’m Marshal McCain. How are you?”

“We got chores to do else pa’ll whup us,” the boy answered.

“He knows I’m here. What’s your name?”

“My name is Robby and this is my sister, Eloise.”

“How old are you?”

“I’ll be eight this summer and Eloise will be five next month.”

“So, you’ll be five years old. That’s a very important age,” Mark spoke as he knelt and cupped his hand to the little girl’s cheek.

She didn’t say anything, just cuddled the dirty doll she held in her arms and moved closer to her brother.

“She don’t cotton to strangers. Pa whupped her once for saying hi to someone.”

“Do you go to school?” asked Mark.

“Pa says we don’t need no book learning, says its all lies.”

“Well, I can tell you, it’s not lies. And we have a law on the books that all children over the age of five must attend school. I’ll see what we can do to get you caught up to where the others your age are.”

“Do you mean it?” the boy’s eyes lit up.

“I mean it.”

“You best be working in there!” Trumble yelled having returned to outside the barn.

“I’ll see you two later,” stated Mark as he stood to his feet.


Trumble didn’t enter the barn, he waited outside for Mark to step out, “So ya seen ‘em, now get off my land!”

“Not so fast. North Fork has a law on its books; all children over the age of five must attend school. You’ll have Robby at the schoolhouse tomorrow so he can be assessed on where he fits in.”

“He don’t need assayed,” Trumble retorted.

“Mr. Griswald or Mr. Bullock will evaluate where he fits into the school grades and if necessary, he’ll be tutored to see he catches up to where he should be. Don’t defy me on this… You will spend plenty of time at the jail, if you do.”

“Mangy, sodbuster…” Trumble muttered as he turned to walk back to the house.

Mark witnessed the timid Mrs. Trumble pull back inside, after having peeked out from around the doorframe.


Wednesday evening Lucas and Milly received an unexpected visitor, “Stevan, won’t you come in?” invited Milly.

“Thank you,” Stevan stated as he entered and removed his hat.

“Lucas, good to see you getting around so well.”

“What brings you out this way? Have the children been causing trouble in school again?” asked Lucas.

“No, actually your children, and Mark’s, are behaving themselves quite nicely. I came to ask Milly’s help.”

“How can I help you?”

“Milly, I know you retired from teaching a number of years ago, but we have one student who really could use some private tutoring, he’s almost eight years old and he’s never been to school.”

“Stevan, I can’t… not until Lucas…”

“Milly, I can manage. If this child needs your help…”

“Lucas?” Milly asked, her eyes expressing that she didn’t really want to leave Lucas alone.

“Milly, if I get into trouble with Levi, I can always yell for Hope to help me. It’s not like I’ll have all three children here at the house.”

“If you agree, I’ll make arrangements for tutoring to begin Monday. I’ll see if Reverend McCafferty will let you use the church to work with the boy.”

“Just who is this boy?” asked Lucas.

“His name is Robby Trumble.”

“Trum… Oh,” replied Lucas.


The following Monday, Trumble led his children to the schoolhouse, “You wanted one, you get them both!” turned round and walked away.

“Robby? Is this your sister?” asked Stevan Griswald.

“Yes sir, her name is Eloise.”

“Well, come with me and I’ll introduce you to your tutor. Her name is Mrs. McCain.”


Milly enjoyed driving the buggy Lucas requested Mark purchase for her use. She kept a watchful eye on her children and grandchildren as they rode their horse and ponies in front of her on their way to school.

During the several weeks she had been tutoring, she had been able to draw Eloise out from her quiet shell, and she was pleased with how well Robby was learning his studies.


“Do you think that’s a wise thing to do Sweeney?” Drako asked.

“Sure it is, why, I hear tell it’s a big celebration back in Boston. And I’m surprised that Miss Lou ain’t been demanding we observe St. Patrick’s Day before.”

“Sweeney, you’re responsible for collecting any damages done during this celebration. It’s your business…”

Before he left the Marshal’s Office, Sweeney stated, “At least it’s a Wednesday night and not Saturday.”


“Well Pa, today’s the day,” Mark stated as he drove the buckboard into town and halted the team in front of the clinic.

“Can’t come soon enough,” mumbled Lucas as he jumped down, landing on his good foot. Mark pulled the crutches out from underneath the seat, while Lucas reached for his boot.

“After you get your cast off, care to stop by Sweeney’s?” Mark asked.

“Not really, why?”

“Johnny was telling me something about Sweeney putting together a St. Patricks’ Day celebration. Wanted to see what that was all about.”

“You can, if you want. Me. I want to get home,” Lucas responded as he entered the clinic.


With the cast off his leg, Lucas practiced walking around the examination room for a few minutes.

“Now just take it easy. Keep in mind that your muscles in your leg aren’t as strong as they were prior to the break. It’ll take time to get your strength back.”

“Lucas! Mark! You’re never gonna believe this!” Johnny Gibbs declared as he rounded the corner of the doorframe, grabbing at it to stop his forward momentum.

“What aren’t we gonna believe?” asked Lucas.

“Oat’s getting married!”

“He’s what?” all three said in unison.

“He’s over at Sweeney’s. I swear he’s stone sober and he’s talking that he’s gonna take himself a wife!”

“This I have to see,” a surprised Lucas stated as he slowly jogged from the clinic, across the street, and into the saloon, followed by Johnny, Mark, and Thadd.

“I’m getting married! It’s an honorable establishment! Finally found a woman who has just the right integrity!” boasted Oat.

“Who?” came from one person.

“When?” came from someone else.

“Mary Walters! That’s who, and just as soon as I can get everything arranged with the Reverend.”

“Someone said yes?” came from a third man.

“Dang sure she did!”

“I can’t believe he asked,” came for someone else in the crowd.

“Oat, are you sober?” asked Mark as the crowd parted for him to make his way through to Oat.

“Sober and not a drop I’ve drank. Drink up boys! This round’s on me!”

“Oat, don’t know what to say, except, congratulations!” mark offered.

“Hurray!” and “Yahoo!” and “Yeeha!” yelled throughout the crowd.

Slipping back outdoors, Lucas, Mark, and Thadd stood there shaking their heads in disbelief.


Saying goodbye to Thadd on the boardwalk, Mark and Lucas walked to the Marshal’s Office.

“Well, are you out to dance an Irish jig?” Drako asked as they entered.

“A what?” asked Lucas.

“It’s a dance, according to Lou.”

“If you say so,” replied Lucas.

“Johnny, have you heard the news? Can you believe it?” asked Mark.

“Believe what?” Johnny answered back.

“Oat’s over at the saloon buying beers,” teased Mark.

“He’s what?! That old skin-flint…” answered Johnny.

“He’s also getting married,” commented Lucas as he took the cup of coffee that Johnny handed him.

“He’s what?” a shocked Johnny replied. “This is St. Patrick’s Day, not April Fool’s Day,”

“And we ain’t fooling. Honest Johnny, Uncle Johnny came to the clinic and told us. Pa got the cast off his leg; we went to Sweeney’s and saw for ourselves.”

“How drunk is he? Am I going to have to put him up for the night?” asked Drako.

“He’s stone sober,” declared Lucas.

No one had anything else to say, they couldn’t believe it.

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