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The Next Step…
Chapter 9 - Mrs. Lucas McCain
Written by Deanne Bertram

The Church was festively decorated for Christmas, but more importantly, it was decorated for the Christmas Eve wedding of Lucas McCain and Milly Scott. Seems everyone from the whole town and surrounding ranches turned out for the wedding. Milly’s gown was simple, yet elegant. Lucas, never having looked so handsome, only had eyes for her.

Hope was Milly’s Maid of Honor, seeing how Mark was Lucas’ Best Man. Johnny and Lou also stood up for Lucas and Milly, while Micah, enjoyed the roll of giving the bride away. As Reverend McCafferty introduced Mr. and Mrs. Lucas McCain, everyone stood and cheered. Lucas and Milly strolled down the aisle way and out the church, followed by Mark and Hope, then Johnny and Lou, and the rest of the town.

Lou had planned a fabulous reception in the restaurant. Finally, it was time for Milly to toss her bouquet. As she walked to the staircase, Micah quietly said to Lucas,

“I seem to remember saying, a few months back, that you would be married within the year.” He gave a small laugh as he remembered.

“Micah you said one or both of us McCain’s,” Lucas replied.

“LucasBoy, give the boy time. Give the boy time.”


Milly stood on the second step, turned around, and tossed the bouquet over her shoulder. Mark started to blush when he realized who had caught it.

Lucas and Milly proceeded upstairs, while Mark escorted Hope home, with her father and brother close behind. Mark said goodnight and headed for home.

Smiling as he lay down in bed, Mark looked forward to tomorrow. Thinking, it had been a long time. He hoped that Milly was going to be as happy having him for a son, as he was to have her for a … “Ma”.


Lucas followed Milly up the stairs and into their room. It had been so long, but even so, he didn't remember being this nervous. He pulled Milly into his arms and passionately kissed her. Feeling every inch of her body against his. When they broke for air, Lucas laughed.

"Just what's so funny Mr. McCain?" Milly demanded.

"It's just that I never imagined feeling this way again, and this time, it’s more than I remember. And the pain is gone," Lucas stated as he sat down on the bed and pulled Milly to him.

"Pain?" she asked.

"Milly, for the past eleven years, there's always been a pain in my heart... from the loss of Margaret. Tonight's the first night in all these years that the pain is gone. Milly, I feel Margaret smiling at you, happy that you were the one to complete my life again."

Tears were falling down Milly's cheeks and Lucas was just starting to wipe the tears from her eyes when they both were startled by the noises from outside their window. Everyone was yelling and banging pots and pans.

Lucas and Milly walked to the window and opened it. They smiled and listened as the folks down below continued the tradition of shivaree.

"Well Lucas," Micah yelled. "Milly threw her bouquet, but you forgot her garter."

Milly put her hand across her face to hide her laughter.

"Okay folks, we'll be right down," Lucas called.

They left the room and headed downstairs to the front of the hotel. Frank Toomey and Johnny Drako were pulling out a table and John Hamilton was carrying a chair that was set on top of the table.

"Oh, Lucas!" Milly called out as Lucas lifter her to her throne. "You can't be serious?!"

Lucas carefully lifted the hem of her wedding dress, blocking the view of her leg from the rowdy men gathered around. Hearing the hooting and hollering. And a number of the wives chastising their husbands for acting like schoolboys.

Lucas kissed Milly’s hand and then pulled the garter down her leg and flipped it over his shoulder. He quickly lifted Milly down and again, followed her up to their room. He was ready to make Milly his, for the rest of their lives.

The Next Step — Christmas

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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