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The Next Step…
Chapter 17 - Preparing for Winter
Written by Deanne Bertram

Summer faded to fall and the school year resumed. Lucas didn’t want Milly to strain herself too much in her condition. It was agreed that Milly would teach the younger students in the morning and Mark would work as a deputy in the morning and then continue with the younger student’s studies in the afternoon. During the afternoons, Lucas expected Milly to rest over at the hotel. Then once school was out, Mark would drive Milly home. Of evenings when Mark was expected at the Marshal’s, Lucas would ride into town and then drive Milly home.


It was time for Lucas and Mark to head out on their annual hunting trip. Not wanting to have Milly at the ranch by herself, Lucas asked Hope if she wouldn’t mind staying the week.


It was the night before they were planning to return home. The hunt had been good and bountiful.

As they sat beside the fire, Mark asked, “Bet you’re anxious to get back to Ma?”

“About as anxious as you are to get back to Hope?” Lucas gave a little laugh, then he took a sip of coffee. “Mark, about Hope, are you still serious about wanting to marry her?”

“Yes sir, more than anything. But I know how important it is for her to complete her education. So even though I promised you I’d hold off until we were at least eighteen, I told Hope her education comes first. So the earliest would be next summer. Besides, I have to figure out some way to ask her father. Don’t think writing a letter would be appropriate.”

“No, I don’t think it would.”

The Next Step — Thanksgiving, Again

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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