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Five years was not long enough for The Rifleman. The series ended too soon. Though its production ended before I was born, it lives on in reruns and DVDs. This saga is dedicated to my imagination of the lives of Lucas and Mark McCain and the residents of North Fork, after the series ended. In looking back, The Return of Johnny Drako and Healing, unknowingly, started my saga.

While writing Leaving Childhood Behind, it was my dream to allow Mark grow up, but without his father present. In growing up, he came to realize every move he made would be guided, ultimately, by everything his father had taught him. A parent can only teach their child and hope that the lessons they’ve taught are the right ones. Lucas grew up as well when he came to understand a parent can’t always be there to protect or guide their child. At some point, a parent has to be ready to let go.

A parent must be willing to accept their child’s decisions as they grow up, and if they fall, be ready to catch them. This was my idea behind Mark’s Posse. Yet, the repercussions of a child’s decision, like a pebble striking the surface of a pond, aren’t always so simple, as Lucas was to find out.

After finishing Mark’s Posse, I felt a need to continue the story. A lot had been spoken between Lucas and Mark, regarding Mark’s ordeal. But, there was another side to the story. A side untold - Lucas’. Thus Timing was started and so, my dream of their saga continued.
Deanne Bertram aka Bluewind Farm 

This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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