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The Next Step…
Chapter 27 - The Wedding Night
Written by Deanne Bertram

Nils drove the buggy that carried Mark and Hope back to the ranch. He smiled as he realized; that for the two of them, no one else existed in the world.

Mark lifted Hope from the buggy and carried her over the thresh hold and into their new life together. Both were oblivious to Nils leaving. Mark continued to carry Hope to his bedroom, ‘No, our bedroom,’ he thought to himself as he set her down on her feet. He lit the lantern and turned it down low.

Anxious, scared, nervousness, were feelings that permeated his body. He stood behind Hope and wrapped his arms around her, pulled her to him and whispered in her ear.

“Today is the happiest day of my life. Today you fulfilled my dream. A dream that you would become my wife. Hope, I love you.” He felt Hope rest her head back to his shoulder as she said, “Mark, today is the day that you fulfilled a dream I too had. That I became your wife.”

Mark’s fingers trembled and fumbled as he started to untie the back of her wedding dress. Mark mused to himself, he felt like Christmas, unwrapping an exquisitely wrapped present. Curious to see what was wrapped inside. The further down he untied, the back of her dress gaped open. Mark marveled at her soft, white skin as he ran his hand across her back, his fingertips lingering for a moment on the faded scar.

He felt her shiver before she stepped away from him. Mark took a step forward and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Hope, please,” he said as he remembered back to that day and how she had received the scar. “Hope, we all have scars. Some visible on the outside and others, not so visible because they are on the inside. Those scars are part of the persons we both have grown to love. It’s not because of your scar that I love you, but, because of that day, you came into my life so that I could love you. Don’t be ashamed.”

Hope allowed herself to be pulled back into his embrace and sighed as Mark nuzzled his lips to the base of her neck as he continued to untie her dress. As he got past the small of her back, there was no more to untie. He stepped in front of Hope and lifted her chin so that he could look into her eyes. He remembered the talk his father had had with him. “Let you wife reveal herself to you. Let her give herself to you. She’ll be more scared then you. Give her time, be patient and understanding, you have your whole lives ahead of you.”

Mark started to unbutton his shirt and soon felt the hands of his wife working to unbutton it. After the last button, Hope ran her hands up Mark’s chest, marveling at the strength she felt as Mark removed his shirt. He bent his head forward and down, gently kissing her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, and finally to her lips, and invited her into the kiss. Hope felt the caress of his hands across her bare back and shivered. She wrapped her arms around and up his back, caressing as her fingertips played across the faint traces of his scars. She felt the warmth well inside her, as she had that day at Miller’s Creek and then, that day in July. But this time, it was different. This time, there was a yearning deep in her body.

She took a tentative step backwards and pushed her hand against Mark’s chest. Mark felt a moment of pain in his heart, ‘Was she not ready?’

“Mark, I’m not ashamed. The night, before that day, I had a vision and the elders told me a stranger would rescue me and take me home. I told your Ma that, I now realize the elders were telling me that I would become that stranger’s wife and Mark, you were that stranger.”

He took a step forward but stopped as he saw her left hand rise and she pulled her dress from her right shoulder. Then, he watched as she removed the dress from her other shoulder. In the flickering, soft, golden glow from the lantern, Mark watched as Hope revealed herself to him as the dress slowly fell to the floor.

As Mark finished undressing himself, he marveled at how petite she was and the strength contained in her body -- she, who was about to become a part of him for life. He stepped to Hope and gently lifted her and then laid her down on their bed. He shivered as he felt her soft skin against his body. They kissed and caressed each other, exploring the strength and softness of the flesh. Soon, they gave in to their desires and became one. Each freely and willingly giving their body and heart to the other.

Time stood still as they consummated their marriage. Their world revolved only around each other. Their emotions and sensations rose to the point of ecstasy, before they quietly laid down, both, finally feeling complete. They drifted off to sleep, regaling in the warmth of the body lying next to them.

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This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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