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Saving the Girl - Part 1
Written by lilyrose

*Note: Royal Springs is a fictional town that is very far from North Fork but its also near the Old Mexico border.

Note: Royal Springs is a fictional town that is very far from North Fork but its also near the old mexico border.

The two brothers sat in their saddles as they waited for Amos James' daughter to ride away from their ranch. Larry and Keith Kendrick looked at each other and grinned.

"Lets go to North Fork, brother." Keith whispered smiling evily. Larry nodded as they ambushed the girl.


Mark McCain gripped the reigns of his horse, Blue Boy and decided to check on the ranch after he did his schoolwork at Milly's. His pa was with Micah near the Old Mexico border which was a long ride from home. He cleaned everything and did all his chores like he would normally do if his Pa was there. He then remembered that Miss Milly told him that he was supposed to come to the store right after he did his chores. He sighed and mounted his horse and prayed that Pa would come home soon.

Then he began galloping away to North Fork.
'Help me' Kylie James screamed in her head. It had been three days since those not-very-nice men had taken her away from the ranch. She sat on her horse with her bottom sore even though she was a very good rider for girls her age. She was very glad for her jeans and shirt but she felt uncomfortable with her hands tied to the saddle horn.

'Ma and Pa will find me. they will.' Kylie thought to herself.

"We'll stop here, " Larry said scratching his chin while holding Kylie's horse's reigns tightly. 'Someone help me!' Kylie silently begged. It was late afternoon, but the horses were tired and... Larry untied her hands and somehow gently lifted her off the horse by the waist. Instinctively, she kicked out but Larry retaliated by slapping her across the face. She stopped, knowing that she didn't want bruises.

"You won't fight will ya, honey?" Larry asked pinching her cheeks with two of his fingers. "Will ya?" She shook her head furiously. "Well?"

"No!" Kylie cried out.

"Will you cut it out, Larry? Just start the fire after you tie her up." Keith ordered sounding annoyed. Larry mumbled something underneath his breath as he painfully led Kylie to sit down near the almost-lit fire. Keith walked away for a moment towards the stream as Larry started to light the fire when Kylie took her chance.

She jumped to her feet and got on her horse as fast as she could.

"Hey!" Larry called out, angerily.

"Go get her!" Keith screamed behind her. She galloped further and further out of the woods. She prayed she would get out of the woods and onto a road. She rode her horse until she reached a dirt road. Her horse looked completely exhausted. She sat in her sat for a moment in the middle of road when she heard galloping behind her. She looked behind her and saw a boy about her age riding a horse towards her.

Maybe she could... Was it worth the shot?

"Howdy! What are you doing out here?" He greeted her with bright brown eyes.

"Uh, nothing. I was just going into town. Do you know the way?" He nodded.

"Sure! I could show you if you want. I was actually just going there." They both turned to see Larry and Keith galloping on their horses towards them.

"Please hurry! We've got to get out of here!" Kylie pleaded. "Lead the way, please?"
Mark nodded and started to lead the way only to hear one of the men's voices call out,

"Hold it right there, boy." He saw Kylie shudder on her saddle but he kept still, thinking they probably had guns pointing to their backs.

"Well, well, Kylie, I think you made another friend didn't ya but ya know, we weren't really thinking of keeping another hostage..." the man said. Mark swallowed. Not again! Kylie quickly turned her horse around facing the outlaws, so Mark did the same.

"Just leave him alone! Okay? I was just wanting to..." Kylie looked at Mark. He stared back at her wondering what she was going to say.

"You were wanting to escape, weren't ya?" Kylie breathed in deeply trying to calm her anger.

"I--" She began to say something but the other man interupted her.

"Say, boy, what's your name?" Mark bit his lip. If they knew that... "What's your name?" He repeated.

"Mark." He replied.

"Mark what?" The man asked raising his eyebrow.

"Wait! You must the be The Rifleman's kid!" The first man smiled. "Well, Larry, we got us a good hostage! Two good hostages!" Mark inwardly groaned. Why was this happening to them? How could this be happening? All he wanted to do was go to Milly's and... Before he knew what was happening, Kylie snapped her reigns and was full speed on the road. Mark kicked BlueBoy's flank and he was almost caught up with Kylie when the men shot their guns at them.

"Faster!" Mark shouted. He felt himself fall out of the saddle, he heard muffled screams from Kylie and everything turned black, thinking, 'I have to save Kylie'.
"MARK!" Kylie screamed at the top of her lungs. It was all her fault that she involved the boy from North Fork with her problems. She halted Leo and jumped down to help Mark. She slapped his horse's rump and it ran towards the town. It had to reach the town to show Mark was in danger. The horse had to go tell the North Forkers that there was going to be danger... for all of them. She realized that something had spooked Mark's horse and when Mark fell from the saddle he hit his head on a rock.

"Mark! Don't die!" She cradled his body in her arms gently. "I can't believe this! I was so stupid to let you help me." Tears sprang to her eyes and she let out a tear. She heard boots crunch behind her and she quickly wiped it away. She wouldn't let Larry and Keith know that she was crying. She had to be brave. Kylie ripped a piece of cloth on Mark's sleeve and gently dabbed the wound on his head.

"Come on, girl." Keith grumbled. He roughly grabbed her forearm and dragged her away from Mark's motionless body.

"No! I have to take care of him!" Kylie protested.

"Larry will bring him back to camp!" Keith snapped. She nodded as she watched Larry walk with Mark in his arms to the horses.

"Hey Keith, I saw a ranch, maybe we could stay there for a while." Larry sugguested. Keith looked at Kylie with wary eyes.

"Yeah, sure. Lead the way."
Millie paced the General Store. Where could Mark be? It had been three hours since he left the ranch and... Nils, the livery owner and John Hamilton were too busy.... Then she realized.... She would wire Lucas! She ran to the telegram office.

"Amos, I would like you to wire something." Afterwards, she ran out to tell Mr. Toomey and Nils. They had to find Mark unless they wanted to die by the hands of the Rifleman.

Royal Springs, NM (near old mexico border -- close to North Fork-ish)

"Sir?" The young man asked the tall blond man.


"A wire for you, Mister McCain." Lucas nodded at him. He looked at it.

Milly Scott
North Fork, NM

Son missing /stop/
looking for /stop/
please come home /stop/

Lucas McCain
Royal Springs, NM

Lucas gasped. He knew that he should have stayed with Mark. His only child, his only connection to his wife, the boy was his life! Poor Mark! Where would he be? Micah stood beside him and read the wire.

"Mark is missing?! When was this sent?" Micah asked rubbing his cheek.

"Two days ago." The men looked at each other with sad eyes.

"We need to leave, Micah." Randy Kendrick had been charged with murder and robbery so he was going to be hung tomarrow but that wouldn't stop him from saving his only son.

Mark woke up in his bed. Getting kidnapped again with that dark haired girl had been a dream until he heard Kylie's voice. 'Great. Its not a dream'. He thought to himself.

"Its going to be okay. Shh..." She said soothingly.

"Where am I?" He asked.

"I believe its your home." Mark sat up quickly only to feel his head pound. They had reached the ranch already?

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Just six hours. Two days ago you were waking up off and on but I tried to take care of your wound. Do you have a headache?" Kylie replied. Mark nodded.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked Kylie. He studied her. She looked completely exhausted.

"Yes, of course." She turned her head away not wanting to show him her tears.

"Hey, its okay." Mark tried to reassure her. He put his hand on her arm. "Its okay to cry."

"Its my fourth day."


"Its my fourth day that I have been with those two Kendrick brothers." Mark gasped.

"They kidnapped you before I met you on the road?" Kylie nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I tried to escape, but then I met you and you're the Rifleman's son and... and... Oh, I can't believe I ruined everything!" Kylie sobbed. "Now you're in danger and their going to rob the North Fork bank... I shouldn't have gone riding!"

"What's your name?" Mark asked quietly.

"Kylie James." Mark thought if he kept her talking she wouldn't cry anymore.

"Do you have family?" Kylie nodded.

"My parents have a ranch... Its between Royal Springs and North Fork." Kylie turned to look at him. "I'm so very sorry that I put you through this."

"Its all right. I get in a lot of trouble anyway with my Pa." Kylie smiled weakly.

"All right, kids. Its time to leave. The boy's rested enough." Larry said.
Kylie bit her lip and stared at Mark. Was he rested enough? She helped Mark off the bed. He almost stumbled but Kylie held his arm.

"Are you dizzy?" She asked. He nodded. "We better go." He stopped her.

"Wait, I have to leave a message for my Pa so that... Great, he's still with Micah..." Mark sighed. "Maybe I'll carve something in the wood with my pocket knife."

"Come on, brats!" Keith yelled from the front room. Kylie pursed her lips and urged Mark to go faster. Her heart beating faster than normal as she watched Mark carve in the wood when the door slammed open.
"Where's Mark, Millie?" Lucas almost yelled. They had forced their horses to literally almost drop till they reached the small town. Millie turned around and nearly dropped the can she was holding in her hand.

"Lucas! Oh Lucas! You're here!" She ran to him and hugged him all her might. Lucas gently pulled her away.

"Where is Mark?" Millie lowered her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, but I believe..." Millie quietly began.

"Where's Toomey and... Did they go after them?" Millie nodded.

"Where is Mark, Millie?" Lucas repeated more quietly.

"I don't know, Lucas, I don't know!" Millie started to sob. "I was taking care of him but he decided to go check on the ranch after school...." Her voice died. "I'm so sorry."

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