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Saving the Girl - Part 2
Written by lilyrose

Note: Royal Springs is a fictional town!

This story is dedicated to Cowgirl, she helped me a lot with everything. Thank you so much!

In this second part of "Saving the Girl", I decided to put Kylie in a position that happened to me a few weeks ago (itís still healing). Poison ivy, actually. My first time having poison ivy was rough, like very rough. It was itchy, hot, red, and very very ugly. Itís my fourth week of having it now, and I'm so glad that it doesn't look terrible anymore. Itís not red anymore, no itchiness, no more blisters and all that junk!

By the way, I was thinking of doing another story of Kylie after this one, so please let me know if you guys would like to read another story about Kylie!


Kylie sat on her horse stiffly. She was tired of this. She was tired of slowly riding on the ranch like they had nowhere to go. She had thought Larry and Keith were going to rob the bank. Would they rob the bank already? She glanced her new friend, Mark McCain the Rifleman's son. He could have a concussion and his pa would probably get angry at the two Kendrick brothers...

"We should rest for a while." Larry said to his older brother. The older brother shrugged and got off his horse. Keith motioned for them to get of their horses and let them rest. The outlaws sat underneath trees slurping their alcohol. Kylie dismounted and nearly twisted her ankle from jumping down. She almost fell but Mark grabbed her arm to steady her.

"You okay?" He whispered quietly. His shirt had tears in it and his face had a terrible bruise from Keith slapping him so hard.

"You shouldn't be asking me if I'm okay! You are the one who's not okay! You could have a concussion---" Kylie replied.

"Shut up, will ya?" Kylie cringed when she heard them slur their words from drinking too much.
Mark noticed her cringing and decided to make her feel better by talking to her.

"So... Kylie, where are you from?" Kylie sighed and looked at him.

"I'm from Royal Springs." Kylie replied softly. Mark gasped.

"My Pa went there! He's supposed to come home in two days..." Mark drifted off as he remembered the times when he laughed with his Pa.

"My parents have a large ranch between North Fork and Royal Springs... Itís sometimes lonely because my Ma teaches me my schoolwork but itís okay." Mark nodded trying to get her to talk. The late afternoon started to heat up again.

"My Pa and I have our own ranch. But you know that already." They sat down beside a few trees when they heard the clomping of horses. Keith and Larry snored, fast asleep even though it was still daylight.

"Mark? Marrkk! Mark! Marrkk! Where are you son?" Mark heard his Pa's voice call him. He jumped to his feet knowing that his Pa was near.

"Kylie, follow me!" Mark whispered quietly. They ran towards the road as quietly as they could when Kylie was slapped on the arm with a low tree branch.

"Ouch!" She cried out. Mark looked at her wondering if she would be okay. She rubbed her arm, sore.
Kylie followed Mark to the road when there was Lucas McCain, the famous Rifleman.

"Pa!" Mark yelled. The tall man got off his horse and smiled.

"Son! You're all right!" Kylie smiled weakly. The two McCains hugged each other. They were finally together again: father and son. Not far behind Mr. McCain, an older man galloping on a horse reached them.

"Micah!" Mark exclaimed.

"LucasBoy! You found Mark!" Micah smiled as he got off his horse and greeted Mark. Kylie stood back feeling awkward. All she wanted to do was go home and take a bath and be with her parents.

"Mark, who's this?" Mr. McCain asked.

"Pa, this is Kylie James. The Kendrick brothers---"

"The Kendrick brothers?! Their pa was the one that we took to Royal Springs a few days ago!" Micah said surprise on his face.

"Go on son." Mr. McCain said.

"The Kendricks kidnapped her, Pa." Kylie looked away feeling shyer. She didn't like the way Micah and Mr. McCain was looking at her with sympathy.

"For how long, Kylie?" Mr. McCain asked.

"Five days ago they kidnapped me, Mr. McCain. I really need to get back to my parents."

"Son, why don't you take Razor and Micah's horse to North Fork and we'll take care of those two brothers." Mr. McCain said.


"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry that you were kidnapped!" Melinda James said to her only daughter, Kylie. She hugged her again. They were all taking a picnic at the McCain ranch to celebrate their reunion.

"Itís okay, Ma. I'm okay." Kylie laughed when Mark looked at her and raised his eyebrow at her. "Okay, I do have something to tell you and Pa." Concerned, Melinda and her husband looked at their daughter.

"What is it?" Ma asked.

"Doctor Burrage says I have a poison ivy rash." Marshall Torrance and Lucas and the parents looked at each other and laughed. Kylie lifted her sleeve and showed the "gift" that the branch had given her.

"Is it itchy?" Micah asked trying to cover his laughter.

Kylie and Mark just shook their heads.... Parents were so strange sometimes.
"Pa, do you think we'll ever see her again?" Mark asked Lucas as they walked inside their ranch home.

"I don't know, son, I don't know." And they both walked inside.


This is a story based on the TV series The Rifleman
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